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Advertisements with impossible feats!

All of you have seen ads which show impossible feats especially with
the following products like motor cars etc.,
many chilrren products too like candies and gum have some crazy ads
most children try to emulate these feats and have disasterous redsults
I feel that there shoudl be a strict control over these sort of ads which are a bad influence to children
Is the marketing ethics violated here
Cannot the people who manufacture the product still achive profit by making ads more suitable and good
In addition I have also seen ads for perfumes being eaully silly which woe adolesencets
these sort of ads are wrong
Can one drag these companies to court if what they claim or show in thier ads does not work
like for example AXE
I guess it depends on the laws of the country
My feeling in this area is a bit of a mixed bag. To me I feel a simple philosophy in life is the best way to live... I feel that this philosophy should as easily transpose onto society.

Firstly I do agree that when we see things (weather they be in person, on TV or on the internet) we become desensitized and these things become more normal or less surprising in our lives. Because we can spread information so easily now through these medias people can be exposed to much much more... and most of this media is saturated and exaggerated to the extremes so that it can be more memorable than the last... Just look at horror movies from the 50s to todays standards.

Advertisers also need to be able to do this so that their product is more memorable than their competitors... Now the way they represent their product is in a creative sense... A car driving off a cliff and flying up into the sky may not be realistic but it is symbolic and is meant to touch the viewer in an emotional way. Just as a movie is ment to make the viewer feel something and relate to the characters.

I don't think you can put into place legislation that creative representation of a product should be dissatisfy... for one adds would be boring secondly you would also have to adhere the same legislation to movies and tv shows. imagine watching a true to life version of Ghostbusters! BORING!

I think there is too much of this dragging people to court now days not taking responsibilities for our own actions. If an ad for kids angel wings shows a kid flying and then a little girl jumps off her roof because she thinks she can do the same thing should we sensor all TV, Internet, Pictures, Paintings or word of mouth of angels? I dont think so... I think thats the minoritys ruining it for all of us.

I think it is something that will come with time... when you see things on TV you can tell when things are not as they seem... People just generally know not to trust anti aging creams because they just plain dont do anything... People know when they get a letter in the mail saying "YOU HAVE JUST WON $1,000,000" that it is too good to be true... and we all know that by reading some chain mail and making a wish that it wont come true.

I dont think we need to sensor these things because watching some of these things is what makes life so interesting and entertaining... I think each individual needs to develop the skills to see past the special effects and make their own decisions.

well... thats just what I think anyway.
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