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My Site not working

On the 25th and the 26th of September i noticed that my site was not loading.

Not even the direct admin for my site or the :2222

This wont even load

No images on the server ect. I have some images I hosted on there for another site and they don't load. Its kind of as if my server didn't exsist anymore Confused But when i come on my forum is says Hosted: Yes

Can you shine some light on the situation please?

My site is (if you hadn't guesses already)
I had problems with mine too.

I think it was a combination of poor mySQL optimisation for my data, and Server 2 being heavily loaded. I'm not in a position to know for sure though.

I will be working on optimisation of my database (as far as is sensible/possible) as that's beneficial to me, my customers and other Server 2 users - but I have no control over server loads imposed by anyone else.
Your website is currently loading fine for me. There were some problems with server 2 yesterday, maybe that was the problem. Or simply a network issue between you and the server.
Nope my site still fails to load. But when I was at me dads house earlier my site loaded. I think there Is a problem between me and the server. Cheers Bondings. I hope the fault goes away soon. Crying or Very sad

i still can't acces server 2 Evil or Very Mad Evil or Very Mad Evil or Very Mad Brick wall Brick wall

What shell i do!!!

Can i transfer to another server on frihost? what about server3?

Can sombody send me a link of site or somting on server 3 to see if i can connect to it. i cnt connect to my server (server 2)

The frihost forums are on server 3 and those alone. No other accounts are being created on it at the moment, only VPS1.
Ok well my hosing is kind of sat there at the moment and I can’t do anything with it.

I think I might have to leave frihost. As no one can offer me an alternative.

Like I said I am unable to establish a connection to it has nothing to do with he frihost as others can view my site. The only person who seems incapable is me. So I can not update what’s on

So I may be considering leaving
(Do not read this as an official leaving)

I hope somebody can either offer a solution.
I'm able to see your site, but the flash image that loads is not very informative. I was able to view the page source, and I don't see any links to other pages.

Are you able to see other user's pages? (most users here are on server 2 also). Your page seemed to freeze my browser for a while, so it could be loading but malfunctioning. In my case, it was solid black for a long time.

The more critical item is getting to the admin page. That can be blocked by a firewall, for example. I was able to address your admin page, although of course I couldn't log on to it. You might want to try another site's admin page and see if you get the same results. you might also try using a web proxy such as megaproxy to see if you get a different result.

What error messages are you getting? Does it just time out? What OS and browser are you using? There are some other tests, such as ping, that you might want to try if you can't find an answer.
Cheers for your help but I do understand what happend like I said many times I am unable to establish a connection to server 2 that means the DA page and everybody elses page on server2.

Thanks for trying to help but this is up to the admin of frihost to decide. Smile
Your ip address seem to have been blocked on the server. I removed it now.
Thank you. YAY it working again!


woop woop thanks bondings!

You can close this now

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