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Quake: Enemy Territory

Anybody playing this beta?

I've played it for about 1.5 hours so far and I think i like it. It's very "Quake(ish): Sounds and characters" and "Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory(ish): gameplay" just as the title suggests.

It's worth a play.... I recommended it! Cool
No, I'll try to play it when I get home. Is it available for download? where?
I have play to QWET, I like this game !

Its now playable on the net !!

Download here >

It's very good game, with doom 3 engine and mega texture Smile
yeah i work at a local Best Buy and we got quite a large shipment in a few days. I was thinking about picking it up after i get a better vid card
I personally can't wait to play this game I love the quake series especially Quake 4.
Doom 3 was a huge disappointment to me, the original Doom created Deathmatch and for me the game still holds its value in DM. I was expecting something spectacular from Doom 3, instead I got a mediocre shooter with no new content, or any of the old Doom game play (secret rooms, co-op, SSG anyone? no)

I still play Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory every day, and moderate a very popular server (ranked 4th on I'm going to say ETQW will be another let down for me, it's hard to take something original and still fun and make it better, especially since Quake 4 was nothing new, so that's 2 strikes from id software, and will probably be 3 soon. I'm hoping my new laptop will be able to run ETQW smoothly (core 2 duo T7100 1.8ghz, 2GB ram, Geforce 8400m). If not, then I'll be extremely pissed, shouldn't need to go buy a $300+ video card to play a game, right? Minimum system requirements are always going to be my selling points, I don't care much about how the game looks, so I expect to be some major video adjustments in game *cough* unlike Doom 3's engine Evil or Very Mad

Anybody care to post some screen shots of their FPS and their hardware?
Enemy Territory: Quake Wars was developed by the same people who did Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory... NOT the same people who did Doom III, at least not primarily. It's a natural evolution of W:ET, essentially setting similar gameplay into the Quake universe and adding vehicles. (though there's more to it than that)

I don't care much about how the game looks, so I expect to be some major video adjustments in game *cough* unlike Doom 3's engine
What do you mean by this?

I have a A64 3000+, 1GB RAM, and a 6600GT. I play on lowest settings and get maybe 45-55FPS on average. I think my video card is what's keeping me down. It only has 128MB on it and I imagine the megatexture technology likes video ram.

BTW, complaining that you can't play a game on a budget notebook video card is laughable.
ETQWs engine was made by id software. What I meant by not being able to get FPS up to a playable level on budget systems is that there's no way to remove particles, or the sky or anything like that. It's too resource intensive to not be able to knock off some of the pretties, which isn't something I expected from a company that developed one of the most popular game engines.
ETQWs engine was made by id software.
True, just as Bioshock is made by an engine Epic built. However, Irrational Games still made Bioshock, not Epic. I'm just pointing out the difference.

What I meant by not being able to get FPS up to a playable level on budget systems is that there's no way to remove particles, or the sky or anything like that.
That's odd because I remember a lot of video settings in Doom III that scaled rather well. You're of course talking about hardcore configs for smooth multiplayer action, something I never was interested in Doom III. I'd recommend sticking with Quake III if FPS is your high motivator. So I guess I'm not disagreeing with you that Doom III was a flop for multiplayer, but id noted that multiplayer was never their focus for that game.
I am still sticking with Quake 3.. Haven't played in a while though!

I'm waiting for the Game to come tomorrow... dumb USPS shipping. The demo rocked. Very smooth game play, beautiful graphics overall, and great feel on all the weapons. The deploying of your own person arty, and calling down crazy firepower is a lot of fun. Should be a sweet Lan game.
I recently saw an in-game preview of Quake Wars : Enemy Territory on GAMER TV. As far as the preview goes, it was impressive. Kinda like an RPG game with an FPS view, calling for shipments, building structures and stuff, as you find your way to enemy territory and eventually destroy it.
That game is awesome, i played it over net with some friends, but my graphic card is not good enough so i lagged a little, so i uninstalled it, but if you have a good graphic card and much space left on your computer i recommend you to try it!

Awesome veichles and weapons!

And one thing i like strongly about the game is that when you are playing, you self decide niether if you just wanna kill enemys, or if you wanna do the missions/submissions on each map!

And another thing is that you gain level(ranks), and when you gain a rank, you get a little bit of extra in some attributes, like sprint faster, and sometimes, you gain new weapons!

As i said before, AWESOME GAME, try it!
ive played the game

the graphics are qrap but thats just my pc:P

the gameplay is again good.. noo very good

the way how to kill ppl and realism is also very good

i love the game
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