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Problem with Network drive?

Hey, I have a problem with a network drive. I do the following steps:

1. Press Start
2. Right click my computer.
3. Press "Map Network Drive"
4. Type in the server IP, and folder, using format:


That is exactly what I typed. I get "Attempting to connect to \\iphere\Shared" (I changed the iphere with my other computers IP) this never finishes, and I end up canceling it..

Okey, my shared folder (it has a hand under it, I guess that represents "Shared") on my other computer where I plan to install bigger programs, to increase space here (I am using a desktop computer, and I can't add another drive). I have two drives on the other computer I am attempting to connect to.

C:\ and Z:\

C is for the default windows, including Windows, installed programs, and some other stuff.
Z is used for extra files, which I rarely use. This is the hard drive where the shared folder is in.

I rarely go on that computer, it is mostly a server, and I just need to get a few files to be able to come on this computer, without wasting space here.

So, what am I doing wrong?

Many thanks!
I assume both are in the same workgroup?

If not: Click start > My network places. In the left column select "Set up a home or small office Network" fill out all the info, but make sure that the workgroup is exactly the same on both computers.

Onward. Reboot both and Click on start > my network places and it should appear magically.
Do you have enough permissions with the account you are trying to connect to the remote server?

It doesn't explain the time out to connect to the network drive...

Maybe you can use the command:
net use y: \\iphere\data /user:xxx\user
you are prompted for a password, and you will be sure to connect to the share with the right permissions...

Regards, Bart
Hi Diablosblizz

This is probably a dumb thing to ask, but are you sure you have the share name right?

One way to access a shared folder (and assign a drive letter if you want) without risking a typo (and assuming you're using Windows XP) is to view the shared folder in the Windows Explorer as follows:

1. Open Windows Explorer (Right click on the Start button and choose Explore)
2. Collapse "My Computer" (i.e. press the - sign to its left)
3. Expand "My Network Places" (i.e. press the + sign to its left)
4. In "My Network Places", expand "Entire Network"
5. In "Entire Network", expand "Microsoft Windows Network". A list of your workgroups should now appear.
6. Expand the workgroup that includes the computer with the shared folder. A list of computers in your workgroup should now appear.
7. Expand the computer with the shared folder. A list of shared folders and other shared resources (e.g. Printers and Faxes) should appear.
8. The shared folder you want to access should now appear. Click on it to access its contents.

If any of the above fails, make sure both computers belong to the same workgroup, and access is not being blocked by a firewall. To test the firewall question, you can disconnect your network briefly from the Internet, and switch off all firewalls (Windows and any other) and see if that fixes the problem. Remember to switch the firewalls back on before reconnecting to the Internet. You can also check the name of the shared folder by running the following command on the computer that is sharing the folder:
net share

That’s it, but there are two additional things you can do to make access to the shared folder easier:
1. Add it to your "My Network Places", by dragging the folder to "My Network Places". That way, every time you open "My Network Places", your shared folder will be immediately available (without having to open a cascade of folders as in steps 4 to 7 above).
2. Map a Network Drive Letter to the shared folder, by right clicking the shared folder (opened as above), and choosing "Map Network Drive". You’ll see the same dialogue as with your method, but with the name of the shared folder already filled in.

Hope this helps.
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