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Do you believe in love at first sight?

well, for me i don't believe in love at first sight . Maybe you just you like the person same as you admire the person.
I believe at love at first sight.

You look at sombody and you feel like you have made a conection to the way then act. It's kind as if you looked at this one person out of the hole intire room and thought WOW. No onli to there figure but to the way they talk or act.

Love really is a special thing. Once you have it, its hard to let go. And the more you recive it from someone the stronger it gets. e.g Telling sombody you love them, or doing somthing that shows you love them.

But love at first sight is true. You just have to find the right person. (be at the right place at the right time)
I don't think I believe that you necessarily fall in love with someone when you first see them. I think you should love all human beings--so in that sense it is always love at first sight. However, to be in love with someone romantically involves really treasuring all the things that make them uniquely them. You can't know those at first sight--so you'd be doing them a bit of a disservice to claim to love them like that without having gotten to know them!

That being said, I think you CAN know when you first see someone that you will fall in love with them. Our body language, our actions, our choice of appearance, etc. give others' eyes a thousand clues about who we may be. And for a few people out there, that realm of possibility all falls under what they know they'll fall in love with. Every girl I've fallen in love with, I knew I would the first time I saw her, even though I wasn't in love with her at that first moment.
i believe in some affections in the first sight, but it's not as deep as love... love is something that, i think you need to stay together with that person for a period of time before you can develop it. It's far more than just the appearance. For my present girlfriend, i had a quite good impression of her when i first saw her. Then i became closer and closer to her and i found more good sides of her and like her more and more. Finally i expressed to her. I think love developed between us slowly, not the first moment.
The question was asked here at least a thousand times, there was even a pol once and I think people answered 50-50. I personally believe in it. I have no particular reason for that, it's just that IO see myself falling in love at firs sight. But I'm still waiting for it Very Happy
there is love in first sight but the relation is hard to establish. i mean it would be love at first sight only at 1 party and the other party don't even love the 1 who love them... even it has, but it is very seldom to have or to see such kind of relationship. and somehow, this kind of relationship won't last long.
i believe there's lust in first is beyond mere physical attraction so i don't believe you can fall in love with someone from just seeing them alone.
I don't believe in love at first sight, but I definitely believe in crush-at-first-sight. In fact, I could even buy crush-before-sight. I'm pretty sure I've had a couple, even if, alas, only for fictional characters.

Love, for me, is always an emotion that needs to be cultivated over time. You need to really know a person to know that you love them--otherwise you're just loving your idea of what they might be. You might be able to pick up an idea of them from their clothes, their body language, their speech, where you meet them and (maybe) who they're with--but if you're just looking, then you're also just guessing, and you could be dead wrong.
Love on the first sight. Not possible.
I would rather define love as an instinct than an emotional. Emotionals are driven by your impulse, exactly as you stated your questions, you could easily get a crush on somebody you spotted, however your instinct always know when you find somebody you truly love, it will tell you "never let her go".

Yeah of course. The minute i spoke to my gf who i have now been with for 5 and half years i knew she was the one for me.

SO of course love at first site is possible.
scorpio3 wrote:
i believe there's lust in first is beyond mere physical attraction so i don't believe you can fall in love with someone from just seeing them alone.

I gotta agree with this 100%. Let me make an example:

If you are a hot women, like the top range stuff that all guys would die over you, I doubt that if you see an ugly guy you would ever get love at first sight right ?? Its always the handsome guys. However, you might ended up marrying the ugly guy because you loved him since he has something that the handsome guys don't once you know them better.
Everyone should believe in "love at first sight". The reason is because of the work of william shakespear. Most people don't know that he created some of his plays "Romeo and Juliet for example" based on events that happened in other people's lives. So if you think about it, "love at first sight" is possible. Sometimes "love at first sight" is started from admiration, but with time it can transform into something wonderful.
Loving someone when you see them for the 1st time is true, it hasn'thappen to me yet but i thin i was almost there, i've been going out with my girlfriend for 3years now.he 1st time we met we new we were goin to love ourselves truely it clicked before it even started i've seen friends who say they werein love the moment they met, some are even married and they are still very much happy.
It happens i believe you can be in lovebut most people happen to be in lust which rthe mistake for being in love.
Well I can't say that I was in love with my current girlfriend at first sight, but I knew when I met her the first time that I didn't want to let her pass me by. I can honestly say that I felt a connection the first time I met her, and have not looked back. We are now together, and things couldn't be better between us. I do believe in love at first site, but that pick-up line does not work! LOL. I used it once on my girl after we started dating and she just smiled and told me that my stupid comments were part of why she loved me Razz
I do believe in love at first sight. In fact I fall in love about 10 times a day!
I totally belive in love at first sight. My boyfreind is an example of this.
All my reason points to this not being the case. Especially because at first site I fall for a lot of girls only to get to know them better and move on. Plus the whole love at first site thing reminds me of creepy stalker types who try and use that line.
I have heard some couples before (that were together for a very long time) that they fell in love with each other right from the start; right at a first glance!
How can we be sure this is the truth I do not know. But people do say things like this a lot.
If being in love is intoxicating, how could we depend on someone intoxicated already? Is there mind clear? Smile
I have thought about it quite a bit. I have been trying to remember if I ever had that myself.
What I do remember is, that I have had some very strong feelings of admiration or "love" of some kind towards certain people that now I can't even remember the faces of or the names of.
There also has been a guy in my class for 3 years but only after 2 years that I knew him and one day I actually happened to look into his eyes, I simply fell very deep into them and found love in my heart.
I think it would be much easier if we specify that we are talking only about Romantic Love.
But since it is not specified, I'll use this opportunity to tell you one more true non-romantic love story:
I can honestly say that I fell in love with my violin teacher as soon as I looked at her in a crowded room. I was about 6 and she was the best looking woman there (to me), also dressed very classy. It was a natural attraction towards something beautiful. Some kind of chemistry we had, because I felt a true caring and love from her at all times later on. May be we were some old friends since the lifetime ago. I do not know, we just had a trust for each other and were somehow supporting each other too.
May be it was a destiny also. may be we feel a certain future of our own with this particular person ( positive vibes or negative vibes) , as soon as we 1st look at them?

So go and figure now ... Smile
I can't say I believe in love at first sight. What I can say is that I believe love is a conscious decision that a person makes. You choose to love...most times it's based on some emotional feelings about the person but at the end of still choose.
Nope, I don't.

Call me a cynic, but I don't believe in love at all.
i would say defiantly not...i believe in either infatuation at first sight or obsession at first sight
For sure mannnn... It always happened to me. kakaa love and peace.
Yes, definitely.....though it doesn't always end happily & you end up marrying someone to fill her warned, youngsters! Crying or Very sad
I don't believe in love at first sight. It's just maybe an admiration. It's just thinking that you love that person because of her or his personal appearance because it your first time to see her. You haven't known that person throughly. I think it is not love..
i believe in love at first sight...... and i feel this about every pretty girl in come in contact with.
i used to believe in love at first sight but now i have no more sights

i mean i have the love of my life
I would say yes and no, love at first sight is a bit of a grey area between physical attraction and desire, its sort of more like mutual desire/Physical attraction and the reason at rarely (note I said rarly) leads to long term serious relationships is because only true love can carry you happily into a long term relationship.
cpebatch2007_CIT wrote:
well, for me i don't believe in love at first sight . Maybe you just you like the person same as you admire the person.

As far as first sight is concern it is true that first impression is the last impression but reality comes after .first look always has a good impression as ones own taste but nature is identified later thats why i always say that dont hold u up untill u know that person .
Love can't be make it in 3-4 minutes after u see a women , is more an atraction , if u get to this women to make a relation is also a time 2-3 month = atraction. Just u musth be carefull with that love (atraction) if u are to sily and share to more love your women can go and take anathor love , atraction. The love is based on atraction eachother,

No, i don't believe. Maybe because I'm blind
I used to think love at first sight was romantic, then somewhere along the line I just stopped believing in it.

I mean, at first sight, it's what you see. Sure you can have a crush on someone, or lust after someone at first sight, since humans are visual based beings to start with, but love? I don't believe it.

The love under question, is really love about one's being, that might include their appearance but not all right? It should include things about personality that are not possible to have found out with just the first look.

Seriously, I guess I am a pessimist, but if someone told me they fell in love with me at first sight, I would actually be offended, because for me, using how someone looks and how you feel about how they appealed to your senses to instantly decide you love them seems somewhat shallow. And I for one wouldn't want to be with someone like that. >< Seems harsh I know. but yeah. You can like someone at first sight, but love? Don't know about that.
No I don't...There's attraction at first sight, but love is something so much deeper, it just can't happen with just one sight Surprised
Da Rossa
I haven't made up my opinion on this matter yet; so far, I have this feeling: if you spot someone and feel that "Love-at-first-sight-thing", then I appears to be only a sudden attraction you feel for that person, but love is somewhere above it.
There were many times in my life, that I crossed eyes with girls and we would stare at each other, feel something and go separate ways, but a few of those situations were really spiritual moments when love would flow out of our eyes.... in those moments it was nostalgic to think of all the eternety that would have to pass for our souls to cross paths again. Sometimes you can't hesitate cause the time is now.
The first time you see a girl, its more of an attraction. If the girl is attracted as well, it turns into friendship and then love. So no I don't believe in love at first sight.
love at first sight is real. Or can be. Because true love is from God. I'm a Christian, I believe in God! And for that reason I believe that there is love at first sight. God sometimes maybe lets people (like me) see right away who He intended them to love and marry.

Love is different with everyone because we are all different! You can't describe true love for anyone! Everyone's experience of loving or being in love is totally unique. Because we area all unique! There are no hard and fast rules in love. Sometimes love at first sight is true. Sometimes it's not. Sometimes you really love someone you've dated for 10 years. Sometimes you ddon't.

I am so tired of the people that say smugly, "i believe in lust at first sight" because they don't know. I don't have problems with lust, and I have experienced that feeling of "wow, look, there he is, the guy I was created for". I just looked at his eyes from the side and I got that feeling. I wasn't looking at his body at all.
Please believe me- that even if it hasn't happened to you, or never will, it is POSSIBLE
Please do not listen to these other people. Although they mean well, I know personally that there can be real, true, lasting love (not LUST or INFATUATION! Boy am I sick of those dumb words! People just use them to sound grownup and wierd and fancy shmancy! {not to "dis" you other folks, but that's what it seems like to me Smile} at first meeting- and yes, even at first sight.

It's also a physical desire- but the lust doesn't overcome the love.

As to what it feels like... everyone is totally different. If you think you are in love, and you love someone very much, more than any one else, than you ARE in love- for the time being. You may, who knows, some day, find someone else who you will be able to love even more. Not because you didn't love the first one- you did, as much as you could at the time. But each new person you fall in love with you seem to be able to love more.

Who can say whether we are all in love a dozen times in our life, or if we only "really" love one of those people, or if we never "truly" loved any of them?

Love is different for every person, at every different time. Sometimes it makes you sad, sometime it makes you happy, sometime insecure, sometimes confident. No one knows. But if you think you're in love, then tell yourself you are and go with your emotions, whether you become mournfully melancholy or exuberantly happy. There is nothing sweeter than feeling something deeply and telling yourself you're in love, whether it's for an hour or a lifetime- or eternity.

I fell in love from first sight with someone I have only met twice in the past two years I still am. For many reasons in a long story, we can't contact each other, nor do we "date" so there isn't a questions of all that "faithfulness" junk. But I knew at the first second that I was made for him and someday God will see we marry and live happily ever after. Sometime I will type up the whole story and post it on every "love at first sight" page and question and blog in the whole wide internet.

Again, I am not saying that love at first sight is the only right kind of love. Maybe you will hate the person you eventually fall in love with! Maybe it will take you years to gradually love them! Who knows? I am not saying that it is the only true kind of love. With some people, it may take a while to fall in love with their soulmate. But love at first sight is so very possible! Sometimes the good Lord is kind enough to show you right away. Like he showed me.
The moment I saw him standing there, I knew all about him. His character- how kind and sweet he was, how helpful and patient. And don't say I was judging a book by its cover. Later in the day I met up with him again and talked to him for five hours at that wedding reception. And my first impression- that split second thought of "this is who I was created for and am meant to marry" was strengthened. And he is in my every thought and dream. I don't give a passing thought or glance to anyone else- it's just out of the question. I’ve only seen him only 3 times over the years. It’s been so long. But I still love him! I do! It’s real! And yes, it's as "fairy tale" love as it gets.

I fell in love when I was only 13. But that’s how old Juliet was, and it was love at first sight and no one questions her! No one says “Oh, Juliet was so dumb, she didn’t REALLY love romeo, she just killed herself because she THOUGHT she did”. Why should people say that about me?

There is love at first sight.

Not lust.

Not infatuation.

Not a crush.

Not a passing attraction.

Real, true, lasting, beautiful, perfect love.

I think I believe it Wink
Love at first sight is based on appearance. I think you can fall in love when you see someone for the first time. However, the actual relationship needs more time to be created. Everything takes time and so does romance.
For me its usually love at "second" sight. I'm into chemistry and personality - things you cannot spot at first sight.
ummmmmmmmmm... I guess i do belive in it cause i fell in love at first sight with a guy who doesn't know that i like him Embarassed
Well, I think love at first sight is not quite possible, but it is true that at first sight you might feel a powerful attraction for someone that can then end up being love after getting to know each other and spend time together.
But it can also happen that after getting to know the person better you realize its not really the love of your life.
Love at first sight, I've been there, and married her, she was 19 and oohhh so hot, and I was 21. Stayed married to her for 9 years, ended with us growing apart. Had a few other lust/love at first sight relationships, they turned out badly, they were damaging relationships to be in. Just sucked! Years later I spoke with them and they told me that they remembered our time together as one of the best they had in life.....I was bummed out, sure I remember some good times, but holy crap there was so much bad, that I can't much for perception huh?

I've kind of become a cynic in my old age, and I think that love is far fetched, and people stay together for all sorts of reasons, and the only couples I know that make it in the long run, are more friends, than lovers, and really forgiving of each other.

I will admit though that love at first sight when you are young is a lot of fun!!
lol nah i do not
if i would have been in love for mostly every single good looking girl ahahaa
i dont believe in love at first sight, i mean a person just looks as someone else and thinks he/she loves him/her but i believe that the person might LIKE that other person at first sight but not love and after few meetings together or like a conversation, they might fall in love..
I don't believe in love at first sight. Love at first sight means you are going with the appearance and/or beauty. But for me Heart is more important. So I believe in understanding. In first sight love it is not possible to judge a person. So I don't believe in it.
yes i still believe somehow on love at first sight sometimes it is a matter of how are you going to be

comfortable with that person and are you going to deal with them....
Love at first sight, I don't think so. You can't really tell weather you love someone without actually knowing them. At first sight it is usually something else. Most of the time, it is lust. Love only comes later on.
you relly cant elieve in it unless you experience it.
It might not really be LOVE but maybe INFACTUAION (which ain't so bad)
but infactuation might as well get good and turn into or become love in a while if it is mutual.
So yes, Love at first is possible and i believe in it!
Well .... there has to be something in it as some of the world's greatest love stories started with love at first sight. Something along the lines of one set of eyes connecting with another set of eyes and perhaps instant recognition of being soulmates.
No i dont belive in love at first sight, thats why i look her for the second time Smile
No, I believe in Love in second sight. ... Kidding!!!
However really it is better if not involved in love in 1st sight.

Did you ever asked some (not one) old couples what they think about love.
Do you know how many couples are started lives with love but may be living with compromise.
Does love change its definition when both parties go through time and different experiences.
It does ... so .. for a poor and hungry person provision of shelter and food is an act of love
For a child giving toys is a an act of love..
So what is Love ... it is not one defined thing/matter but is a complex set of matters and/or epiphenomena that has different aspects for every body.
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