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travel in paris/france

I was thinking about spending a week or two in France next May (specifically May 15 through the 30). I know the language and have visited before. I think I'm familiar enough with Paris and the Metro system to handle it alone but I was also interested in spending time outside of Paris maybe visiting the French countryside and visiting a friend in Germany. Ideally I'd like to spend time in several European countries besides just France but I'm probably going alone and I would hate to find myself lost and confused in a country I'm unfamiliar with.

I'm curious about others' hostel experiences, and cross-country traveling in general (bus vs train vs plane?). Spain, France, Switzerland, Germany and Belgium are on my wishlist but any input and suggestions are great.
I've not done much travelling mate, but I have stayed in plenty hostels tho mainly in Britain.

I have only met one bad person in hostels in my time and he was a drunken old chav who was in town to see Oasis. (So was I but thats not the point)

I love meeting the random folk and just talking bollocks when I can't get to sleep.

I really wish I'd travelled a lot more than I have, go for it ! But I'd go with a couple of mates if I was you, just think I'd get a bit lonely n all
How much is it to go to Paris? Is the expense really that high?

I wanna study there
There cannot be a better place on earth .... its an amzing place .... everywhere you go you will find one medieval building after the other .... I had been to paris for around 2 days and I have yet not gotten over it ....

We started our visit from the Louvre Museum and go right up Arc de Triomphe ....the walk itself is so spellbounding .... the gardens are just very spectacular ....and then the of course famous Eiffel Tower .... dont let anybody fool you .... you have to go the 3rd level to have the perfect view .... also makde sure that you visit it at the night time to see it in its full splendor.... then the Basilique du Sacré-Cœur...

Notre Dame ....

Cruise over Seine river .... its a must ....

and on and on ......
Paris/France is the beautiful places to visit. I love to visit the beaches and historical places. In the Paris such a beautiful place to visit and have lots of fun over there.
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