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Suspended Domain?

I just got this message yesterday when I went to look at my site.

Here is the link:

I have used the domain for .5 if a year and it has worked fine but now it is givng this odd messge and I still have 1.5 years left on the domain that I bought.

I wrote to the domain company and they have not responded yet, but I am wondering if there is something Frihost could have done that did this or something I have to do to fix this.

I know Frihost has had some server changes and upgrades but don't know if this could be funked do to it.

Has this ever happened to any of you before?

NOTE: I am using and and is that still ok?
Server 2 wasn't effected by anything. Except for the PHP 5 upgrade, which did nothing to the domain.

Wait until a response from the domain host.
Dude, your domain wasnt suspended, the hosting account was suspended by frihost probably..

This means you ran out of bandwidth or you exceeded CPU quota usage etc. The domain registrar has nothing to do with this.
I checked my Direct Admin and I have barely used any bandwidth at all.

My normal website still works.
Apparently there's nothing wrong with your domain's registration, it's active, not blacklisted and available till April 2009.
I doubt Frihost has anything to do with this, you should wait for the answer from your domain company.
If you have a domain forwarding service try activate it for, maybe in this way will work Confused
Well I finally got a reply and they said everything is fine on there side so it must be FriHost that suspended it.

Now the only question is what did I do wrong?

Anyway does anybody know how long websites are suspended?

Or what I have to do to unsuspend them?

Should I contact Bondings?
Wait some time and a moderator/admin will see your topic and pass the message Wink
If they don't answer you till tomorrow post in the Support forum.
I moved this topic to the web hosting support forum. You are lucky that I found it, since I don't frequently visit the domain names forum.

Anyway, the problem was because when you setup that domain, you selected 100MB as the limit of bandwidth that the domain was allowed to use. And it got suspended once you reached that amount. You were actually able to unsuspend it yourself. It would have been suspended till the end of the month, but you would have had the same problem next month if you reached that 100MB again.

Anyway, I changed the limits to unlimited (meaning the same as your total account) and unsuspended it. And the domain seems to be working again.
Bondings Thanks for your help, you are the greatest. Very Happy

I didn't even think of it that I set that at 100MB otherwise I would have removed the cap.

I don't even know why I set the cap in the first place, anyway now that I know why I was suspended I feel stupid because it was my own problem but I guess I didn't know any better. Embarassed

Anyway thanks again Diablosblizz, Scorpio, bloodrider, and especially Bondings. Very Happy
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