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DOOM3 - Need I say more?

Hello fraggers young and old alike

Its no big deal to guess what the fraggers recommend as the best shooter game in the world or should I put it the best game of the century. Come DOOM3 and a new revolution in the gaming history was laid. The Graphics were none that we had seen before. Every detail was accurately put in every aspect. The storyline couldn't have been better. It was so gripping that after I finished the game, I felt like I had seen the Hollywoods Most Lengthy and Eye popping Movie! No kidding here, anyone who has played DOOM 3 will have the similar feelings, I know. So all those new comers and old fraggers alike, If you have got a Monster PC and If you love nothing better than see that slimy monster die in style, Get DOOM 3 and frag 'em all!!

Doom 3 is one of the most intense games i've seen. When i play with my headphones i hv a helluva time! The graphics are phenomenal and the details are amazing. I just couldn't believe when we can select any of the 3 parts or frames on the Monitors during the game. The PDA stuff is also amazing!

Play On!
Dooms graphics may be superior but the gameplay is not.
The AI is bad and there not realy a change between the labs
Doom 3 is a great game but like many people agree, a killer PC is required.

Also some people didnt like the fact that it wasn't like the other Doom games but I think it was for a good reason! If you did have the original Doom feel, it would be like every other FPS where its overly unrealistic and just plain repeditive.
I think that DOOM3 is very violent, I dont like so much!
Amazing game Laughing
I'm practically obliged to reply to this one. (nick)

It's not that great of a game. MP really sucks, SP is alright.

Graphics are great, but gameplay is lacking. I will admit though, on high res, it's scary as hell. I actually stopped playing because of this one incident in the game where an alien popped into my face in a dark hallway. I'll never forget that moment. Almost crapped my pants.
Its nothing new, but the suspense is excellent.

To really appreciate Doom3 you need a 512MB Video Card, which are only just starting to come out.

Its a good game, but it didnt have any revoloutionary features.

The expansion pack is also a good game, but again lacked any 'WOW!' factor.

I give it 6/10
Not so great. but what i can say is that onceyou pick it up. you wotn put it down. a easy 8-10

not a 6...
i have just downloaded blood. Only difference between blood and doom3 is graphics. Almost everything is same...
The games fine, it has it's strong and weak points but it's only the greatest thing since sliced bread if you're living in the early 90's. The action's good, fast and frenzied but entirely straight forward and devoid of most advancements the genre has made since it's begginings. Hold it up in the face of Battlefield 2, Half-Life 2 or even the original and it can't stand up. It's kind of like Serious Sam in that does it's thing great, being a throwback action game, and is solid but unspectacular in the big picture.

Now the engine is hot stuff, but since Quake 2 id's been in the buisness of making $50 interactive tech demos and letting the licensees make the good games.
Dont play Doom3.But i already play doom2.Dont like it.such as speed and
doom3 is a horrible game... in good meaning of this word Smile i've to admit that i haven't tried to play this game at night yet... not without any light... ql game Smile when you play you don't think about realistic graphics, shadows, monsters, special effects... you are there and you feel everything Very Happy
Terrific graphics. Other than that, there's not much good to say about the game. I own it - I would know.
Doom 3 is a very good game, but there is no way that is the game of the century!!!
The graphics in this game are very good but the story is very boring and I can not believe that the most of game is taking place in only one location. Towards the end of the game I was just so bored with the same monsters appearing only when I pick a med pack or ammo, I just wanted to finish the game and never play it again!!!
bao wrote:
Dont play Doom3.But i already play doom2.Dont like it.such as speed and

This game is like 15 years old, and I can see how you don't like speed and graphics Very Happy
Unfortunately i dont have that Killer PC to run the game, but i have seen it and the graphics engine is absolutely awsome! I like the game play, but the ommition of the Havok graphics engine is bad, it cud use a little dynamic, they tried to include dynamics into the Doom III ressurrection of evil, which was factually animated and not "dynamic". No dynamics means no fun, even helf life 2 is better infront of this thing. But overall there isnt ne stroy line and the so called "story line" is absolutely pathetic. It can be used as a substitute foe Unreal TOurnament 2003 grafix wise. Im sure ill intall this one FIRST after i buy my Alienware...
Have anyone tried the xpansion pack of Doom??Reserruction of Evil or somethin like dat, is it worth the money??? Is there there any difference from Doom3, at least in the environment?? I just cant resist buyin it but dun know much bout the xpan. Does it require more juice on the system than the original Doom3?
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