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Zelda Controversy: OOT or TP?

Which Zelda game do you think is better overall?
Ocarina of Time
 66%  [ 2 ]
Twilight Princess
 33%  [ 1 ]
Total Votes : 3

I'm sure that it is widely known that Zelda fans have a huge obsession over debating the situation between two of the most popular Zelda games; Ocarina of Time and Twilight Princess.

Personally, I believe that OOT is a better game, merely because it was released with originality. Twilight Princess was introduced on the Wii, although its true platform is for the Gamecube. Because TP first came out on a console meant for "Innovation", Twilight Princess didn't seem like that much of a thrilling game, since it just felt like a sort of mix between A Link to the Past and OOT with a few add-ons like swinging the sword and aiming with the Bow & Arrow.

Ocarina introduced 3D Zelda when it was released, and began the basic layout for the games that would follow it, and not just TP. In Majora's Mask, the first three temples you visit are Forest/Fire/Water; sound vaguely familiar? You didn't see the exact same sequence in the games before OOT, which determines that OOT was the marking point for how Zelda games would carry out. Twilight Princess, the real version for the GCN, only featured OLD items with NEW tricks, proving the creativity of the developers has dropped.

That's just my two cents, though. What is your opinion about these games, and which do you think is better, and why?
I've beaten both and Orarina of Time is a MUCH more well constructed storyline. The game was just really well put together. It's because they wanted an exclusive title at launch for the Wii that they ported the Gamecube version and added a couple motion sensing ideas to make it the Wii version. If they waited about 6 months after launch to fully integrate the motion sensing capabilities of the Wii controller and expand the storyline further, the game would have done so much better and revolutionized the Zelda series even further.
They are both very good games, but overall I'd have to say Twilight Princess. I personally feel it was packaged together a lot nicer.
Well I actually preferred Majora's Mask over either of them.


So, yeah. Laughing

Anyway, OoT was hardly original. You go through the generic Elementally Themed Dungeons to collected the Rare Shinies to get past the Tenuously Defined Barrier leading to the Final Dungeon and Ultimate Showdown with the Inexplicably Evil Bad Guy. It was just done very well.
Twilight Princess has good story... in the beginning. Then it just gets worse and worse and nothing ever happens. DULL! And the whole game is sooo eaasy. You never need to use a fairy.
catscratches wrote:
And the whole game is sooo eaasy. You never need to use a fairy.

Try playing the game without ever gaining more than your initial 3 hearts, or any bottles.
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