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Hi, my girlfriend are going to a christian college, that is wireless internet service, but is a dam filter on all the univesity, that blocks msn, aol, yahoo, IRC, messengers, and chats too, I know that is it Really boared, I need you to advice what can I do ?
1 Ask admins to allow you do that.
2 Hack the system WEP encryption or sniff admin's password. (ILLEGAL, DO NOT DO THAT!).[/u]
Texas Al
Always happy to help inquiring minds escape from firewalls, especially Christian firewalls... will take you some work, though. Here's something that will at least give you an overview of the problem you're facing.

Notice at the bottom, where it says what the drawbacks are-- it can't do UDP, and it doesn't work if you're running something that depends on the computer behind the firewall acting as a server. But I bet if you look around some, you'll find a non-UDP chat client. Maybe Jabber (which can connect to ICQ, AIM, Yahoo, etc.) can do that?

Also, I'm willing to bet your friendly neighborhood Ameri-Talibans have certain websites blocked too. At least that part is easy... just get an account with and they won't be able to tell what sites you're going to... but if they're smart they probably block itself... one way to find out.

Finally, if you want to do file-swapping (of recipes, Biblical translations, home movies of pets, open source software, and the like) try Filetopia, Shareazaa, and WinMX. Also look on to see what the latest file-sharing clients are. There's a new one getting launched each week, it seems. They're designed for people in all kinds of inconvenient network situations, so they might have some clever ways for dealing with overzealous firewalls built into them. Most of them also have chat functionality.

Let me just quote an old guy you never heard of named Abbie Hoffman: "The first duty of the revolutionary is to get away with it."

The way this applies to you is, be smart! Do not have anything sitting around on your hard drive that school authorities might frown upon. If you have a file that you feel might cause misunderstandings if found, burn it to CD-ROM and keep your hard drive squeeky clean. A backup CD (nestled innocently among your music and game CDs) requires a search warrant, while a hard drive unfortunately only requires a nosy computer technician and dormitory staff that blindly obeys orders.

Use a good password and maybe install TrueCrypt (free, RTFM, YMMV) and name your TrueCrypt partitions something obscure like C:\WINDOWS\HIBERNATE.SYS... your typical security geek would have to be... well, me basically... to find a file like that the least bit suspicious. Most of all, read the manual for your filesharing clients and make sure you enable bandwidth limits! Nothing attracts unwanted attention like 1Gb/hour bandwidth usage.

Good luck, let us know how things go, and welcome to a very, very important part of your education.
Jesus crist, you should put that as an essay somewhere. That has been pretty helpful. Especially with me going back to school in a bit. Shame that I don't have full hard disk access at school. I'm planning to open the computer and reset the bios so I can boot off CD and just run Linux on it so I have full hard disk access.
Texas Al
You mean there is a school-provided computer in the dorm room? Here are some ways to get the admin pw without having to reinstall the OS. One guy I know likes to boot off a floppy that has NTFS capability, copy C:\Windows\System32\Config\SECURITY to someplace else, and then blow away the password with the above tools. Why does he do it? Well, he managed to find a free copy of (the otherwise very expensive) l0phtCrack utility, and when the computer is sitting around doing nothing, he has it running on the backed up SECURITY file trying to guess the admin password... if they used it on one computer chances are they use it on others.
there might be away around that. there is a website called msn2go and if you allow proxies you can log into msn that way. Also you can go to and use aim express. besides it is kind of crazy and strange that if you are using your own personal computers that you should be able to download and use such programs. Talk to the computer admins to see why it is dissalowed.
gmail, l have the same thing on my network, but l can't block gmail because l would have to block google with it Neutral Plus gmail l don't mind being allowed, lt can't carry viruses because it denies all .exe files.
One solution I used to get around this problem back when I was in school was to use GAIM that is compatible with AIM, ICQ, MSN Messenger, Yahoo!, IRC, Jabber, Gadu-Gadu, SILC, GroupWise Messenger, and Zephyr networks. You are able to put proxies so that you can connect to any of the messengers without the firewall blocking it.
iloveim i use this IM site to login to msn messenger and if you are blocked fro viewing websites try using and go onto the site through thats. poxyproxy bypasses resrtricted websites which comes in handy lol
Nice attempt at spam.

and I'm referring to the post above mine. The last post for this topic was December 23rd. A bump was not needed.

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