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slow usb

Hi! I have no idea why is my USB so slow! When I want to copy files from my computer to usb flash drive, it takes years!!! I'm using vista, so drivers shouldn't be the problem (mobo: Asus P5B). In bios everything is set as it should be. The same thing is when I want to transfer something to my phone trough usb. I've tried all 6 USBs but same result at each. Thanks!
A few things -

1)how old is the USB drive you're transferring to?
2)is it a flash drive or an external hard drive?
3)what kind of file are you transfering?
It's 2 weeks old 2gb usb 2.0 flash drive. Every kind of file, transfer rate is about 1-2mbps Surprised
That is quite odd. Do you have another flash drive that you could perhaps borrow from a friend to test and make sure it isn't the flash drive? Or maybe another computer to test your drive with.

The only thing I can think of is that there is something wrong with the drivers. The motherboard is USB 2.0, and the flash drive is new and shouldn't have problems.
Check for viruses in the pen drive ...

Just search for all .exe files including all system and hidden files.

And also check if the port u have plugged the drive to is a USB 2.0 port

Some computers have uSB 2.0 ports only on the back

And some even don't work properly if u use a usb extension cable,
Do You have propely installed drivers for Your motherboard? USB 2.0 needs drivers! And like FunDa said very often USB 2.0 ports are located at the back of the computer, not on a front panel.
I have a 2gb zip drive it was really slow to start with but once i had fully filled it up and delted stuff it was more quicker it may be because of it using quick format so when you copy files onto it uses quick format so its formating unused data to be written to. well thats my guess but i think im correct by saying this, because my 2 GB zip drive is pretty quick now. another thing could be the annount of power you usb hub has if its an external hub or one of them thats on the front of you pc there less powerfull than the one on the back of you pc/ laptop. does this help?
hey I too have a similar problem. But i am using xp+sp2 and mobo drivers are latest. But everything is slow. Be it my Digital Camera or my mobile(mass storage device) or a pen drive, which are all usb 2.0 compliant devices
I had this same problem before, turns out it was my motherboard, sometimes companies false advertise and say their product is usb2.0 when it really isn't.
What software do you use to transferring data? I have some problems before few years with Total Commander (MS explorer copied files ten times faster) But I thought it was corrected.

emem wrote:
I'm using vista, so drivers shouldn't be the problem.

Windows Vista aren't so superb system. Vista still have many kids problems that XP don't have.
Yeah, I believe you need to install the drivers for 2.0 aswell. Eventhough you are using Windows Vista the drive may be old and Vista does not recognize it.
Therefor be sure of the drivers are installed or/and update your motherboard drivers.

how about under Linux get one those live CD linux such as Knoppix and try it out!!! if you get same slowness then probably more hardware if with Linux goes faster then something with Vista Razz
I had this same problem before, turns out it was my motherboard, sometimes companies false advertise and say their product is usb2.0 when it really isn't.

That's true.
An usb 2.0 flash drive works at 456Mbps. A motherboard with 1.0 USB port works at 12Mbps.
Doesn't matter your flash drive speed if your USB ports are old Wink it will works at 12Mbps.
Check this.
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