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India Vs Pakistan - World 20-20 Final

Who will win the First World 20-20 World Cup at Johannesburg?
I N D I A - the charged Blue Billion
 100%  [ 6 ]
P A K I S T A N - the dangerous smakers
 0%  [ 0 ]
Total Votes : 6

Who will be the winner in this challenging final of first World 20-20 World Cup at South Africa?

Will the Blue Billions be able to break the charged Pakistanies. Will Pakistan take its revenge of loss against India...

Evil or Very Mad A hell lot of exitement and lot of drama to go on Monday in the finals of the first World 20-20 World Cup final at Johannesburg 1200 GMT Evil or Very Mad

Vote for your winner...
World 20-20 World Cup

T E A M - - - - I N D I A

The Squad

M S Dhoni (Cap) Yuvraj Singh Piyush Chawla Gautam Gambhir Dinesh Karthik
Irfan Pathan Yusuf Pathan Virender Sehwag Joginder Sharma Harbhajan Singh
Rohit Sharma RP Singh Ajit Agarkar Sreesanth Robin Uthappa

The Game

Sept 13 -Vs- Scotland -at- Durban -result- Match Abandoned
Sept 14 -Vs- Pakistan -at- Durban -result- India tied with Pakistan (India win the bowl out)
Sept 16 -Vs- New Zealand -at- Johannesburg -result- New Zealand bt India by 10 runs
Sept 19 -Vs- England -at- Durban -result- India bt England by 18 runs
Sept 20 -Vs- South Africa -at- Durban -result- India bt South Africa by 37 runs
Sept 22 -Vs- Australia -at- Durban -result- India bt Australia by 15 runs
Sept 24 -Vs- Pakistan Johannesburg Game to be played at 1200 GMT

Commentator and former Pakistani captain, Rameez Raja talks about Pakistan's progress in the tournament and their brilliant run of form.
Karien Jonckheere (Sportz Interactive) - Wednesday, September 19, 2007

What did you think of Pakistan's win over Australia?
I thought it was an excellent win. Pakistan are looking a different unit under Shoaib (Malik). I think their roles are well defined and I think it's a much better team that's led by a captain who remains calm under pressure and stress. There are so many good things to like about this team. Shoaib has been very big on fitness and I think it's proven here in this competition that Pakistan's performance has been directly related to fitness. They've picked those ones and twos; they've looked sharp in the field and they've taken their catches so overall it's looking good and the results are there for everyone to see.

And it seems like the mid-innings partnerships are proving to be crucial?
Yes, I think they are playing good, solid cricket. It's not wham-bam or trying to slam every ball over the boundary. I think it's been very sensible. The chasing was brilliant (in the game versus Australia) and setting up a target the other day against the Sri Lankan was also really quite brilliant and they're telling the world - that if you play normal cricket, if you knick those partnerships, then you have a chance of beating the best in the business; whereas Australia today was looking for those quick-fire twenty to thirty run partnerships, which didn't obviously work. However, Pakistan put one big effort together and they won the game easily.

What about the Pakistani Bowlers? We've seen some good performances from Gul, Afridi and the new guy Sohail Tanvir...
Yes he's different - Sohail Tanvir. He's a good addition to the attack because he gives a lot of variety to this bowling attack, plus his bowling action is different, like Malinga's so I guess it would take some time for world cricket to come to grips with his bowling action. But the last three to four overs I think the Pakistanis bowled brilliantly. I think that was the real difference you know. It's the reason I say that – "this team is looking good because of their well defined roles". Umar Gul comes in at the deep end of the innings; Mohammad Asif gets it going with the new ball and then they have the guts to throw the ball to someone who hasn't played (much) international cricket - Sohail Tanvir.

What is your prediction for the final?

It's a tough call because I think South Africa have a very good chance and Pakistan now stand a good chance too. I still feel that India can surprise a few teams if they do well in their remaining matches. They can be the other big team in the (closing stages of the) event. Very difficult to predict, but on form - you've got to go with South Africa and Pakistan.
Yuvraj top of the big hits parade at ICC World Twenty20
ICC Media Release Sunday, September 23, 2007 10:03:07 AM

India’s Yuvraj Singh has done more than just break bowlers’ hearts during the ongoing ICC World Twenty20 in South Africa; he has also taken the record for the longest hit of the tournament so far.

The left-hander’s blow of 119 metres, one of five sixes he clobbered during a 30-ball innings of 70 against Australia in Saturday evening’s semi-final at Kingsmead, Durban has seen him claim top spot in the list of the biggest sixes in the 27-match event.

Yuvraj, who has hit 12 sixes in four innings in South Africa, has two entries among the 14 biggest blows ahead of the final – the other, of 105 metres, coming during his feat of hitting six sixes in one over off England’s Stuart Broad.

However, he has not hit most sixes in the tournament as his achievement of clearing the ropes 12 times is one behind New Zealand’s Craig McMillan, who has belted 13 maximums.

The ability to determine how far each six has been hit during the ICC World Twenty20 is the result of technology employed by the ICC’s new broadcast partner ESPN STAR Sports.

Yuvraj is one of two India batsmen in the list of the 14 biggest hits of the tournament thus far, with Robin Uthappa joining him courtesy of his 102 metre-six, also in the semi-final against Australia.

And also in that elite group are three Pakistan batsmen – Misbah-ul-Haq, Younus Khan and captain Shoaib Malik – and that trio will be among a host of batsmen capable of overtaking Yuvraj at the top of the list when India and Pakistan go head-to-head in Monday’s final.

That final will take place at The Wanderers in Johannesburg and as the venue is around 2000 metres above sea level there is every chance the current mark for the longest hit could be beaten as the theory is that the thinner air should mean the ball will fly further.

Despite that theory, only four of the 14 biggest hits (listed below) have come at The Wanderers with eight in Durban and two in Cape Town.

Both those Cape Town blows, together with one in Durban, have come from the bat of South Africa all-rounder Albie Morkel, who is the player that features most in the list with three appearances.

England and Australia’s bowlers are the ones to have suffered most at the hands of the very biggest hitters with players from the two line-ups hit for massive maximums four times each in that list of the 14 longest strikes.

Yuvraj’s prolific hitting has also given him the mark for the highest batting strike-rate in the tournament so far – 235.08 runs per hundred balls – for players with 75 runs or more. He goes into Monday’s final with 134 runs, including his half-centuries against England and Australia, from just 57 deliveries received.

Biggest sixes of the ICC World Twenty20 South Africa 2007 (as of 23 September, ahead of the final)
Rank -- Distance ---- Player ----------------------- Match
1 ------ 119m -------- Yuvraj Singh (Ind) --------- Australia, Durban
2 ------ 111m -------- Misbah-ul-Haq (Pak)-------- Australia, Jo’burg
3 ------ 110m -------- Matthew Hayden (Aus)----- India, Durban
4 ------ 107m -------- Justin Kemp (SA)----------- New Zealand, Durban
5 ------ 106m -------- Albie Morkel (SA)--------- - England, Cape Town
6 ------ 105m -------- Yuvraj Singh (Ind)---------- England, Durban

Most sixes

13 Craig McMillan (NZ)
12 Yuvraj Singh (Ind)
10 Chris Gayle (WI)
10 Matthew Hayden (Aus)
10 Justin Kemp (SA)
Both teams are in Top form, I hope there will be a good final match. Its a big blow to Australia that they lost two matches not they can't tell its an accident.
Now twenty 20 comes to fifty50.

Both Teams are having 50% chance to win in twenty20. Both of them are having equaly weight. Let's wait n see today.

Very Happy
India will definitely win the finals again Pakistan! I just hope that India wins the toss and opts to bat! Yuvraj has to come in the same position that he came in during the match against Australia! Joginder Sharma should be controlled as Pakis can take full advantage of his slow pace!

The bowlers who can help us through are Shreeshanth, RP Singh and Bhajji...Irrfan Pathan is showing brilliance in gaps...But overall, it is a guaranteed thriller!

INDIA has done it... India has won the first World 20-20 Cricket World Cup....!

Dhoni's Devils have won the finals against Pakistan in this narrow breathtaking match at Johensbarg.

It was a very close fight with two legends and finally, finally India made its way to the victory in the last over of the game. What a match it was.. What a match...

Truely a historic and un forgetabble moment in the history of cricket..

Blue Billions you have done it...

Yes, it was a great match! It was an awesome final, which you don't see many these days. For every India Pakistan match, you notice that everything boils down to that last over, last ball and last wicket! This is exactly the edge of the seat experience you will only experience with India Pak match!!

No words are enough to express my happiness. I actually thought I would get a heart attack in the final over! Congrats Young India!!
Mumbai salutes the Men in Blue

Police battled to contain surging crowds wildly celebrating the return home Wednesday of the Indian team after lifting the inaugural ICC World Twenty20 championship against Pakistan. Thousands braved monsoon rain to greet the cricketers off a flight from South Africa which landed in the western city of Mumbai on Wednesday morning.

Private security guards were also drafted in to cope with the crush as new captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni led his side out of Chhattrapati Shivaji International Airport. Many children joined the throng, dancing to drum beats as the cricketers boarded an open-top bus which inched its way through a sea of supporters waving Indian flags and pictures of Dhoni. The vividly-painted bus set off on a 30-kilometre (19-mile) drive to the Wankhede cricket stadium in south Mumbai with players taking turns to hold aloft the trophy. Fans lit firecrackers, sang songs and waved placards as the exuberant Indian players danced and hugged each other under a heavy shower. Policemen joined in the dancing as rose and marigold petals were thrown in the air.

Everything is over and India is down to earth....after the series against australia...
georgekalathil wrote:
Everything is over and India is down to earth....after the series against australia...

You are not right... We won 20-20 against Ausis... That really shows our capabilities... also the first match against pakistan of the 5 day one day series which we won y'day also shows the chemistry of indian team, which is fully charged.. and ready to blast off..

They surely have a bright future...

The BoYz r the best...
IM just hoping india can hold on to this 20-20 champions title for sometime. its natural to lose, but it should be a well fought contest.
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