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The Italian Job

Well, there are two films. The first one is very good. A group of people plan to set-up a job of stealing $4,000,000 The first film was set in the sixties and I like it bery much. Some comedy scenes in it and I think it is a good family enjoyment. If you don't like films this old, there is a newer version although it isn't a remake. I prefer the newest one, I believe it has better action etc and it is easier to get to grip with the story line.

What are your opinions about this, I want to know!
I agree the first movie was good but the newest movie was one of the most enjoyable films I've seen in recent times.

It was a great combination of plot line, true ensemble acting, good music , good humour and lots of plot twists.....
I love the second one, it so good, it's fun to watch and imagine, what would it be like to steal that much money and get away with it. First I was annoyed when I saw it was that type of movie because it was during the whole hyste craze with Ocean's 11 and stuff, but this one was really different!
edward norton is good in that movie. well, he's good in all his movies.
I haven't seen the original, nor did I know there was another.
I saw the newer one, maybe I'll see if blockbuster has the other.
Wow, dude! I love this movie! I mean, the second one. Really.
I think I've seen it like a thousand times! I even have it on DVD so I can watch it anytime I want to.
The Venice heist is a hell of a job and when they manage to get back the gold from Steve it's even better!
The scenes with the Mini coopers are the best! In fact, I love Mini coopers and this movie just gets much more interesting because of that. Of course, Mark Wahlberg already is enough reason to watch it. Laughing Embarassed
I've watched both.
The second is faster. Faster shots, faster movements, faster narrative. Amazing.
But the first, has a unique charm. The scape is so delightful! The cars running and making the police officers look like morrons.
[nothing against the Police, pals! Wink]
The recent version was ok, but a little disappointing for me... could of been better.

I loved the first one. The stunts in it were amazing for the time. And it was a very funny flick. Benny Hill as a computer nerd? And how they enlisted him? Laughing And is there a more literal cliff hanger ending? Laughing Laughing Laughing
Picked up the DVD at the rental as a last minute grab. Being a fan of 'heist' movies, I had seen the first (don't wanna think how many years ago) and thought I would enjoy the remake.
Absolutely Great. I now own it and have watched it numerous times.
we cant say anyth,ing unless we see the both versions right? I just got the copy of the older version I will see it when I find time but I do not necessarily find ok to try to re-make every movie!can you re-write a classic?juts like that I guess.
serazat wrote:
we cant say anyth,ing unless we see the both versions right? I just got the copy of the older version I will see it when I find time but I do not necessarily find ok to try to re-make every movie!can you re-write a classic?juts like that I guess.

Well, the recent Italian Job pretty much took the name, the minis and a heist and made a completely different film. The first was a light hearted comedy heist flick. I think they were both good, but in different genres.

The newer one basically ripped off the name and minis for brand appeal and went on to make a decent movie. See the first, but be ready for some laughs.
certainly a nice film!
I saw both and like the first more, I really wish they put more comedy from 1 into 2 like the part where the car is blown to smetherines rather than just the doors being blown off Twisted Evil
homg wrote:
edward norton is good in that movie. well, he's good in all his movies.

Interesting you should say that. Edward Norton made it very clear once the movie was released that he did not want to make The Italian Job. He was contractually obliged to do it due to a previous agreement from years ago. Apparently there was nothing he could do.

And for the record: I think that although the new 'remake' is alright, the original will always be a classic.
I didn't know there was an older version of this movie! I love the latest one though! Mark Wahlberg, Charlize Theron, actually everyone in this film did a really great job!

This movie truly made the minicooper very attractive to my eyes Very Happy

I did not even know there was an older version!

all in all this was a really entertaining movie.
I found the new one to be absolute rubbish if trith be known, but probably because of my unwavering love for the original.

Some of Britain's greatest stars, such as the unimitable Michael Caine, Benny Hill and the brilliant Noel Coward, and a plot to get "$4 million through a traffic jam". Cue fantastic characters, hilariously camp moments, memorable quotes and THE greatest car chase in British films ever.

It is a wonderfully British classic with amazing charm and elegance. The new one is entertaining, for sure, but nearly 40 years on will it still have the following the original has today? Probably not, but then, the original Italian Job has a very nique and well timed film.

Speaking of the star, Michael Caine, there have been a lot of remakes of his films in recent years, and most, if not all, were very inferior to the originals.

Get Carteris one such film that has been remade. Often believed to be Caines most iconic role, this very gritty and brutal slice of early 70's gangland culture became a more glitzy affair with Stallone in the title role. More actiony and generally not as significant as the original, it was in my opinion an entertaining but ultimately underwhelming piece of Hollywood action.

I didn't know that there was an older movie. anywayz I saw the new moview starring Mark Wahlberg, & Charlize Theron. I enjoyed the movie. The story was great and the direction was very tight.. no flaws in the movie... very well done... very gripping and Mark Wahlberg is really cool... His character was great.... those who have not see it go ahead and see it....
Hollywood does another remake. Hollywood puts Marky Mark in another remake. Hollywood makes an inferior remake.

Hollywood? Why all the remakes?

Not a bad movie. It is fun to watch but it has all been done before and better. Ed Norton really disappointed me as he is usually a good actor. Marky Mark is not a good actor and neither is Mose Def or Seth Green. Donald Sutherland and Charlize Theron must have felt like gods among fools working with these schlubs. That said, I still like Jason Statham. The guy has charisma.
Great intrigue. Loved the movie.
I think if the first movie did not have Michael Caine in it, it would have gone down as slap-stick. Some of it was humurous and entertained whereas other bits were yawning material. The second Italian Job movie is really much better, and improved, and thoroughly enjoyable.
Perhaps it's my age, tbut the first movie was definitely the best. In its day it was a massive hit, and I think it still stands the test of time.
I haven't seen the new one, but the original is one of my favourite films, so I'm sure it can't be better.
My honest opinion... the new American one is an abomination compared to the old low budget classic one. Yeah, it's got better action scenes but they are just like any other high budget hollywood-style wankery. No soul.
I 100% agree Josso. The latest one was crap. The executives just think that if they launch a few million dollars at a movie, it will automatically be good.
Well some of you young people need to go and see the original and remember it is 40 years old. No CGI very little special effects and a budget of about 50p. Compared to todays version which had about 100m spent give or take. Poor unoriginal plot and hardly the best acting (love Graham and Norton) never liked Mark Wahlberg. The original has far better car chases and tbh why where they using minis in this film the cars are HUGE - the original was based on the fact that the minis where well mini
Yes i like this sort of movies 2 but the arn't so many of those
ok i must admit the mini's really did help to score the points for this show. and it just makes the mini even more so cooler to me than ever. didn't know there's an older version of the show until after i had watched it but didnt since intended to watch the original version. do not personally think that 2different movies with the same exact story should be put together to draw comparisons. after all the budgets are different, the resources (actors, actresses, technological advances) and the target audiences (a need to cater to the modern audiences with more fast-paced scenes, cooler concepts and not the least impt cutie-cars which ladies go woo-aah about) are all different. what's important is that i've enjoyed the show from the very first minute til the last. kudors. wads the director's name again?
I don't think those two movies can compare. They are on 2 different path. I haven't watch the full movie of the old one so i can't say anything about it. But the new one is a really good movie which you can enjoy.
I just watched the newer one and I think it's a great movie.
i havent watch the first one. but the second one for me was awsome. in fact it is my favorite movie. the dialog was fantastic, the cars were swwweeeetttt, action thought they dont have guns is pretty slick. a mush watch i must say.
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