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A has no emanative letter:

That letter like this the 静静 lies in my desk, that discovers by chance when I tidy up the room a few days ago it of, hence I abandoned continuously the determination that tidy up, threw the clean and beautiful outward appearance away, sit in that a heap of dust, connect the hand to wash all and too late, already the no time for waiting toed open it, very mystery is, the time that I forget it almost and already and quickly it is however the right there.Caress that according to sparse see is envelope that lips that pink, and that year draws with the lipstick on the envelope print to have done not reply the esse, elephant I already not at young is a fact similar, connect the letter oneself to have too changed incomplete, my life in elephant.

I launch that the already long leaving the disturbingly noisy letter, that is my own handwriting, stilling see clear.

" you know that the human emotion is very complex, can hardly let sometimes complicatedly them going to the watch book with the speech own real intention and thought, fear the watch say not enough clarity, thorough.Also is sometimes 羞 in start to talk of, is a help to pass telephone etc. medium thing even, the elephant is current of I, hence I used mankindMost most most

" sit in silence like this before desk, forgot to to write what suddenly, the brain inside is a part to hold the white act, hour but flash across your speech, the sometimes really thinks and then abandon you like this, for doing not let you continuing to make it lively for, for letting you do not continue the grievously sorry, for letting your conscience of quiet and peaceful, for the sake of speech that do not let other people bombing to you.Can, however I am unwilling, I am very self-contradict, believing you too very self-contradict." yes, I really like to want to release you, but again helpless oneself not tough at all, you have actually where draw on I?You are very difficult to me, only age you fear other people to say three creation for fourth, but work ascending you again is my leading, although first is headquarters another is branch, that time meeting perhaps destined to would handing over gatherings to you, is a predestination perhaps.

" you onced said that just like to me, so this like to be with grievously sorry and compunctions which can also make you persisting?Does this like and can die midway?Still would sublimate continuously?But wait for time that sublimate again is how long?In fact I know that you are to can't give me the answer of, be me to let out to like once with the pen, because your that just like' has been making me deeply concerned at heart.Do not know that time will deny to arrange I can hear the answer that I expect, anyway I will wait." good an etc. word, but can etc. really be waited happiness?You said that you had never together another the girl broke up because a girl, but now of I you to the headspring of her grievously sorry, I resulted in your helpless is?Can you have no together she get married, you and need not to negative what duty, but I love dearly your softhearted and kind and genial and good.But I finally is to have no the etc., chose the abdication however, do not know is to abandon you, or abandon myself.

" I like most to see of is your smiling face.Very brilliant.Sometimes I like to think and can come out the bad mood for you, can however I have no from the outset.This really is because of the relation of the age?Really sorry, now of I am very poor, connecting to how help you do not know, because I knows that what you need is not to listens to." is, I am small your ten years old, but will ten years old really result in your harassment?I is distance that the ditch of 鸿 that the right to have no from initiatory, because you what all different I say, therefore I can't give you help, so connect to hear meanly were too deprived, perhaps I have always been to have never stepped into your world, you are so high and high always in the top, letting me looking upwards, having the ditch of 鸿 however and always, that is the generation the person is still you make to me intentionally, only because for she?

She does not know me from beginning to end, that kind of feel fit, but I know her, painful, know three stories of person, I much think a point all not understand, but the old day doeses not regard with affection me at all.

See continuously the bottom go to, thinking that year of I am good pure, this what kind of an affection, perhaps I should really give him this letter.

" I am very frightened in 茫茫 huge an incaution threw you.I has no safety to feel, but and is not to your distrust, just fear your conscience too kind!A business for hoping you to affection persists very much, I know that you can't give me what promise, because you have promised on returning, so you fear the commitment, because the person will change." having no the safety feels is not a distrust however, consider for you how, but I am always frightened of is a person who that will change is you.Only base on the conscience, only base on the commitment, is a person without affection even too can together?Can at that time however you says that in spite of two person'ses stilled have the love but experience many, over of time is long there will be the affection for the nature.But that just a kind of habit, a kind of duty, you return the not enough toing let to my affection do you abandon her?You did not get married, so I and is not what create into, I and need not self-reproach what, because I and not is to break your source.

" originally not letter life of.Discovers however and suddenly it is what can't resist.I its term besides hearing it is again how?Very negative is, I do not want to force you, because I do not think or so you, if you not choose me sincerely, if you cares very much still other people feels, even I cut off the felling that you have isolate with a life time you to also is in vain.So I have to etc., hope that the miracle can be got by you I see." is this I?Always natural and unrestrained but now only contain letter life, can only waiting for solve problem?

I am young and crazy hot, boiling however blood only have to solidify in your world, perhaps the age is really problem.But, I chose mistake, perhaps and at the beginning I should persist of fight for, fight for to belong to one of my happiness with the happiness, but so and always too selfish, I whether at paid no attention an infection you the kind temperament?

" do not know that whether you really like very much or not is together me together.Because I compare to like better.Therefore usually the forgets' time, in order to can together you treat some more.You are very busy, usually is to has no off days of, I am all strange I will compromise you like this why, in fact a week sees only an is very ruthlessness." what a Monday, three weeks of sometimes can not definitely see the top a, am I actually your girlfriend?And you connect a telephone to accept the meeting all and meanly, each time is I beat to you, but you can not say that a minute joint then I say that see again, that your that sentence like can me still believe?In fact I force still what oneself believe, because the relation of the age perhaps you bad at 露 outside the emotion, is because of the business perhaps is more important to you, so I only forgive.I like to want to resist to have no dint however, I care too your feel but abandoned the ego.

" I and do not want to calculate your doctorate to have actually heavy much.That to I and of no account.However in fact there is a lot of time I was pressed by that black thing of could not say the words to, it let me discover me to differ you like far, much more than only age.I want that put on that distance by hand, just shorten the amount a little bit even.The hope is not a crazy idea!" distance, you I the distance of is simply too many.Doctor, you think the study that I try very hard to, all time all go to the night school specialize in is for who?Is, you could be for myself, but you is support that the motive source that I am always, perhaps now too is, but just thought.Looking at this letter like this I can not help remembering you, and that letter also did not give out you always, I throw you like this to.But now of I do not know whether I regret or not, however I have no 触 to run in to love this felling for a long time perhaps and only for you.

I, abandoned what actually?My story can't have the knot tail always of, because I throw the male leading role of this drama to.The letter turns the fragment that do the one a powder color to dance in the wind with the breeze, falling slowly between my hair, imitate the 佛 at bless my wedding.Have no however and always in this joke flood noisy and solemn and impressive wedding the bridegroom appear.
This theme is that China and foreign countries translate into the English one, the place to have is not translated well, please excuse me.
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