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Uploading Files..???

I installed a forum into the direct domain system provided to me by frihost..Then i installed the Easy Mod system successfully..

Now while installing some mods i have to upload files numbering about 600 files for a single mod itself... Rolling Eyes Rolling Eyes Rolling Eyes

Other than uploading files one by one by the usual way,is there any other way to upload the files as the folder containing them as it is to the direct domain system...????

Please any one reply to this and help me because uploading all these files (oops 600 !!!) one at a time is very tedious....
Just use ftp. Put the files in a folder, drag the folder from the source machine to the destination and leave the software to get on with it.

I use FileZilla. It's free and very, very good.
But i dont know how to use FTP...Please can you guide me in doing this...???

Ok from the link you have given which one should i download....?? Client or Server...?

After that what else must i do...???
Download and install the client. I assume you're using Windows so you'll need FileZilla_3.0.1_win32-setup.exe

Once you've installed it, start it up and you'll see a window with several panes. The ones on the left tell you about your local machine. The ones on the right tell you about the remote one. As you're not connected to a remote machine yet these will be blank.

So, first you need to connect to a remote machine. You need to tell FileZilla the logon details for that machine.

- Click on File\Site Manager. You'll see a 'Site Manager' window. You need to add your site.

- Click on New Site. The greyed out form on the right will now become useable. In the 'My Sites' tree an entry 'New site' will appear. You can call it whatever you want.

- In the 'Host' text box enter the host name. My web site is at so I put in there.

- Leave the 'Servertype' set to FTP - File Transfer Protocol.
- Leave the 'Port' set to blank.

- Change the 'Logontype' to Normal.

- In the 'User' field enter the user id you use to log on to whatever control panel you are using to maintain your web site.

- In the 'Password' field enter the password you are using to maintain your web site.

That should be everything you need to connect to the site.

- Click the 'Connect' button. The Site Manager window will close and - assuming you've entered the above correctly - you'll be connected to the remote site and you'll see a directory structure in the panes on the right of the main window.

You can navigate around this structure just like using Windows Explorer. You can also navigate around the local machine (left panes) the same way.

Choose some small files to play with, and copy them across between the machines (you can click and drag from left (local) to right (remote) and vice-versa. You can also right-click to open up a context sensitive menu and carry out other actions.

When you're happy with that, try clicking and dragging whole folders.

Note what's happening in the top (Log) pane. It tells you what's happening during any action.

Also note what happens in the bottom pane (Queue). You'll see the progress of any transfer that's either queued or in progress.

That should get you started.

When you're happy with that, navigate to the folders you really want to copy across (the mods) and drag them across to the right place on the remote machine.

Grab a coffee, and let FileZilla do the work!

I will give you the best solution possible, and very very easy too...

just download EzGz (utility to make a tar.gz archive of your files on windows)

just drag the whole mod folder, it will get saved as a sing .tar.gz file.

FTP or DA this file, and unzip in DA
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