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How much does making track for a MM want to spend?

Have no money does someone love the possibility?See the money,such as the self-contained private of the dirt,, they can not anthropophagi a firework, adopt the spiritual influence of the world, the essence of the sun and moon of 吸 ?Although it is said girl's son be in love with the precondition not exactly of a boy's son is a money, but boy's son want to catch up with adoring girl's son the difficult doing not need to spend the money, and is a flower to ascend a lot of money, the now grade school living to all shout to do Chinese Bill. cover 茨 , therefore peculiarly magic power, girl ghost 精 , see to make track for they want how much ?Frighten you on jumping!

Darling girl's type

Darling girl's son is a more cultured taking care of family generally and all of, they are not usually out everywhere 蒲 , amuse of cost not a lot of, they also can't request you to usually send their famous brand jewelry clothes, but they love very much romantic, so you had better make a deposit to the telephone fee, 呵呵 .The leisure takes a walk the street, the festival gives her a very small surprised and pleased, send the ancient dint, small jewel, crystal in amount's rose, 朱 , occasionally see the movie ballet ballet, listen to, go out to travel more little, neglected to do not account.

Still have, these girl's sonses compare the trustful of bosom friend generally with the family, so you must practice" the village surrounds the city" strategy, can never neglect this living the dint soldier, I see more than oncely the boy passes what this method have finally come to completion, this expense essential to have of.

Average and monthly expense:

Telephone fee:( regard municipal words as the standard, the domestic, international long distance can't statistics)200 dollars

Go shopping the fee:100 dollars every week, a month 450 dollars

Small gift in festival:Average and monthly 100-300 dollar amusement consumption:Average and monthly 100 dollars

Win hearts by illegitimate mean the fee:Average and monthly 100 dollars

Aggregate:600-1150 dollars/ month

Alacrity girl's type

Alacrity the girl fears most to glue at home, never stop for a moment of 叽叽喳喳 , have she exsits and can never have stuffy of time, these girl's sonses do not like to spend the skirt jewel and do not love to see the very stuffy performance, can't also be pleased in the linear two cloud-castles elephant in telephone.But, they like to play!Play craryly!Steep forever on the street, they like to exercise the dress, paying attention to wear who who do advertised basketball shoe, what brand of cellular phone latest most popular, this weekend which discos most the fire explodes, which bars have what activity, they are positive to participate the activity that society spread, exercising especially of, for example rock climb, card D car.They is stars singing performance that faithful 拥趸 that trip, fall overboard for the length 途 more.At the time that they too quiet down, that certainly is they sit before computer surfing, 呵呵 , they how also close the rickety and small Mountain cat.

Average and monthly expense:

Activity fee:Because these activitieses is a lot of friends to go out to play generally, the boy provides the funds by turn, so average every week 200 dollars, a month 900 dollars.

Go shopping to play games the machine fee:100 dollars every week, a month 450 dollars

Festival gift:Average and monthly 100-300 dollars

Trip fee:Average and monthly 300-700 dollars

Aggregate:1300-2350 dollars/ month

Beautiful girl

Beautiful girl's son usually all compares the alacrity, is welcomed by boy's son very much, but pursue these however girl's son is not an everyone and can cope with of.They let early boy the 宠 was out of order :Like the beautiful clothes with the jewel, use the high class 护肤 article and spray the expensive perfume, go out to do not like to sit the bus with the subway, usually next high class a western meal hall, stroll high class company's 厦 , arrive the high class movie theater go to the movie.Or they does not request everything, but you unfeeling let so a bewitching female for not cannibalism a firework follow the crowded bus of the smelly sweat in your the whole body, arrive the big gear of the street side does the sauce eat the noodles?Say again, even she do not want you send the expensive gift, who dare to say that have no others to have sent secretly?

And, still deal with these girl's sonses to spend the money only not line, still do a lot of thinking, otherwise you only will drown in pursue her intergalactic and heavy star.For example:Everyday is on talking on the phone, a rose, insist not 懈 you then can leave her the deep impression.

Moreover, mother father's bosom friend of these girl's sonses too is to can't neglect of, you do not entertain wild hope even they can help you succeed, also do not make the 糊 your good matter at least.

Average and monthly expense:

Make the new meaning expense:Monthly 150-300 dollars

Appointment expenses:Month in 200 dollars per in average every week 900 dollars

Go shopping the shopping expense:Month in 200 dollars per in average every week 900 dollars

Festival gift:Average and monthly 300-500 dollars

Win hearts by illegitimate mean the fee:Average and monthly 100-200 dollars

Aggregate:2350-2800 dollars/ month

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