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Moving BIG files... 4gigs won't budge!

I've downloaded an ISO that is around 4gig and I can't move it off my laptop's hard drive.

It doesn't have a DVD Re-Writer...
I've got a 120gb external hard drive with 8gig free space, but everytime I try to move it there, it says "You should perform a Disk Cleanup to put that file there" - done that, but it obviously doesn't need it!

What can I do?
Can you move smaller files to your extrernal hdd? Or can you copy some files from your hdd to some other pc?
With Winrar you can create lots of smaller files instead of one big file. This way you might be able to put the file on the hdd in parts and copy it to some other pc.

You could also create a network with some other pc and transfer the files that way. If you don't have another pc you could try some friend's.
Hi again,

Thanks for your advice.

I have tried doing it via the network (which is wireless) so transfer rate isn't great (it's going from laptop with built in wireless to desktop PC with a wireless USB adapter that sometimes cuts out, grrr! lol)

I'm gonna try your suggestion of using WinRAR to make smaller files... I have seen these before. How do I go about doing it?

Thanks again!

you can find a tutorial for splitting with winrar over there.
you just set it to compress in parts or pieces, then tell it how big the peices will be. you will get a .rar file and then a bunch or .r01, .r02, so the extension will change for each peice
It sounds as though your external hard drive is using FAT16 or FAT32 (which means it can't handle files over 4GB). So if this file you're trying to copy is larger (even by one byte) than 4GB, it won't be able to accept it. You could try converting the external hdd to NTFS, but I've never done this and I'm not sure what it would do (the external HDD probably would not be readable by any older operating systems or non-Microsoft systems).

Your best option is to use WinRAR or Winzip to split the files, or to use a network (your laptop should also have a CAT5 port for a physical network cable, so you could use that instead of wireless).
MeddlingMonk is right - the maximum size FAT32 can use is 4gb - 1 byte... there's also a maximum of somewhere around 270 million files per volume if my memory serves me correctly (I don't think you'll have a problem with that Laughing ).
You could change your drives file system using Paragon Partition Manager:-

It has an option to change a drives filsystem. NTFS is recommended as it is more robust than the FAT16/32 file system, however It would very much depend on which O/S you use. Bare in mind changing the root drives filesystem could be dangerous unless you know what you are doing.

Here is a list of Windows opperating systems and which file systems they support:-

Windows 3.1 = FAT16
Windows 3.11 = FAT16
Windows 95 = FAT32
Windows 98 = FAT32
Windows ME = FAT32

Windows NT = NTFS
Windows 2000 = NTFS, FAT16, FAT32
Windows XP = NTFS, FAT16, FAT32

rvec got it


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