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Good projects/exercises for beginners?

The World is Yours
I was looking for some ideas for projects or exercises, to help me use some of the knowledge that I know. Any ideas anyone? If anyone knows of any good sites that have some exercises for beginners, please post them.
a good thing that helped me a lot when I was starting to develop my skills in php was to simulate stuff in other webs. Want a really interesting challenge? then try to build from scratch something you like in a web. Maybe a comment board like the ones in blogs would be a good start, you could try to work out stuff like comment rating, ordering them...

Just search for stuff you like in webs, and then recreate it by yourself.
Luck! Wink
I am not sure whether this is suitable for a rookie PHP user or not, but I do apply this type of exercise to learn the PHP scripting language.

My exercise is try to establish a PHP-based website for your own interest (for me it is mainly a electronic bookstore) that can let you apply almost every features of the PHP scripting language.

Beside, try to surf the net and see other`s work and then try to think the PHP script that can create the same effect. By taking other examples and then think the code for your own is one of the exercise for me to study PHP.

Afterall, mastering the PHP isn`t enough, it is more challenging if you can establish a website that deal with database. When I study PHP, I study MySQL too. Both of them are integrated well and this is why I love both of them very much.

Good luck for your exercise!
The World is Yours
Yes, I should have said that, I'm dwelling in Mysql also. The re-create something else is a pretty good idea that I am gonna try. I think I'm gonna try to recreate a wiki type edit for a page on my site. A really simple one that is!! Thanks for your replies guys, and if you have anymore please do share!
When I started coding in PHP and Mysql, I made a news feed for a clan website that I made for a CS:S clan I was running at the time. Over time I learned new things and added features such as a quote of the day script that loads scripts from a database. I then created an admin panel to allow me to edit the quotes. Then I thought the page was too cluttered with a long string of news, so I limited it to the latest ten entries and created an archive page to allow people to scroll through past news items.

Funs stuff like that helped me get comfortable with databases and loops.

I also transformed my website from a series of pages, into one page that loaded different files [using the include() function] depending on which section you were looking at. To help me even further with getting comfortable with POST and GET values I created four different color schemes a user could choose, then later when I learned even more, I used sessions and logins to allow people to log in, and their settings would engage...including how many news items they see on the home page, and what color scheme they use.

In order to learn more about different aspects of PHP you have to kind of step away from the idea of "I only make things that are practical for mass use". Try making things that you may NEVER use again, but use a certain aspect of PHP that you want to familiarize yourself with. Do something because it's neat, not because it's useful Smile
I learned PHP can work with MYSQL at a site called I used tutorials, and learned from there. Another good site is, so you can use that as well.
make a small cms or a image gallery system...
manav wrote:
make a small cms or a image gallery system...

yes, when I started, it was just making a cms for my website.
I am 2 learning PHP and MYSQL, and ofcource its not an expert openion that i am giving. I think you should take a small OS and free script from or somewhere else and then make its alternative yourself without taking a look at it. Then match your own script with the opensource script. Its the best way, i think, to make yourself think at the level of the experienced one and know how to optimize and extremely secure it. You can start from a comment system or guestbook and move on to mini joomla or phpbb. Cool

All the persons suggesting above also give nice suggestions. Thanks for that.
I think you should start easy. Like with a simple commenting system. Then try to make a user log in system. Then maybe a simple forum. And so on. Just think of real-world examples and start simple, working your way to a more complex system. If you had a plan for some larger project (like a full CMS) you could just make that with only the bare features and expand on it.
You may want to consider this amazing site: . Mostly, all what you want, is already in here. Installation, tutorials, online resources, excersises... etc. Good Luck!!
After you try the user commenting/login type stuff perhaps try a shopping cart.
I'm trying to do it myself at the moment, not much luck so far, but i'm learning new things at least.
well, i learn from examples best, so I looked at
to find many great resources for PHP and MySQL.
I then tested myself by making some simple calculators and Guestbooks, news scripts, etc.
I'd try a member regestration feature that can intergrate with your forum system, if you have one.
small cms using role base access control
hey I have written a code in that can send AT commands to send a sms via a mobilephone connected to the computers COM port...

the source code is listed at
try and port it to PHP and tell me how u did it...

u'll definitely learn something good out of it...
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