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Crime Log

This is where I live. This is the crime log from 9/21/07. Crime logs from this town are always rediculous. Just rediculous.


St. Cloud police

A suspicious person was reported at 7:34 p.m. Wednesday in the 2400 block of First Street South. A caller said a man crawled through the window of a home. Police responded and found the open window. They tried to speak to whomever was inside without success. Officers surrounded the home and eventually a man appeared in the window. The man was drunk and shouted at the officers. A second man then appeared and police learned that both men lived in the home.

Police increased patrol Wednesday evening near the Boy Scout Bridge and the 1400 block of Northway Place. Police had received reports of people dressed as vampires in the area.

Suspicious activity was reported at 8:42 p.m. Wednesday in the 1600 block of University Drive Southeast. A caller reported that a man had a hanger and was trying to get into a parked vehicle. Police spoke to the man, who owned the vehicle and had locked his keys in the trunk.

A suspicious person was reported at 8:44 p.m. Wednesday in the 100 block of 33rd Avenue North. A resident said a man was near the alley looking at the garage. The resident said it appeared the man was drunk. Police found the man who was the caller 19s neighbor. No crime was committed.

Agent ME
At least it's better than having real crime lmao.
At least the police responded. Here the police would not leave the donut shop unless it was on fire.
Those are funny things that happen but at least they are better than real crimes that happen here everytime and the police fails to catch the criminals most of the time over here.
My house was broken into last weekend, I called the police and it took the 2 1/2 hours to show up. They took my statement and left without fingerprinting or making any other attempt to figure out who had robbed me. I wish my town was more like yours Smile
That's awesome! Good laugh. Sounds like a pretty small town, eh? I suppose you can't really complain, as I'd rather have overzealous police officers than ones who didn't do their jobs at all.

Police increased patrol Wednesday evening near the Boy Scout Bridge and the 1400 block of Northway Place. Police had received reports of people dressed as vampires in the area.

I'm sensing a Vampire LARP in your area :p
Laughing The things people do...
You are lucky to live in such a crime free place.
well its better than hearing reports of homicides and armed bank robberies...
at least the police bother to check out thoses sort of things in your area in my town you report something and the police dont care unless youve been murderd, its totaly stupid...
Haha, both lived in the home, you have to be pretty drunk to think your own friend/family is breaking in.
Ha ha, vampires? That is ridiculous. At least you get a crime log Mad
meh, it could be alot worse. It could be something along the lines of police found several dead bodies floating in the river with no suspected leads. Besides that, at least the police are active, it seems you live in a safe place and the police keep it that way by investigating even the smallest possible infraction of the law. And just think of that poor guy who locked his keys in his car, he probably received assistance from the police officer which simply made his day.
Da Rossa
Why is that ridiculous after all?
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