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proxy software...

anyone tell me good windows proxy software...
internetjobs wrote:
anyone tell me good windows proxy software...

firefox and internet explorer.

they both have an option to set a proxy in them.
just go to sites like to get proxy server numbers.
or just try to use proxy sites its much better.. and it free.. so dont pay...

The Real Proxy
this is not a proxy but it's pretty cool
the only problem doesn't support https yet
A friend of mine set up Circumventor on his pc so he can access sites from work and he said it was easy to get up and running.

Personally I just use proxy websites to surf the net from work. I usually use a public Circumventor proxy (just google it) or
i want to share internet connection
umm how about a router or a switch?
Sharing internet over proxy is ancient technology and nobody should use it

For windows, since Win2k pro or maybe even nt4 you can share network through your computer

so what's the deal? why are you not providing us with proper information?
Well, that depends on which level you need to .

If you do want only internet sharing with building you services from inside you lan then, the squid should be the best choose. It is a long winning cache software used on linux a long time. And it is ported to windows now. It's cache engine remeber frequently used web page so does't get it from web all the time and made the net surf faster.

The other was called the wingate enterprise and is the once I'am currently in use. It provides many feature from http, ftp, pop to stream proxy. Compared with squid, it's cache module is't good so far. It does't correctly update dynamic page well. So, if cache was importance to you. You may forget it.

This application also support NAT ( i.e. port forwarding, so you could build up private services such as web, ftp etc that access from Internet ). You can config it as a publicly used proxy server and then connect to it from your work to access Internet secured by it's build-in security or by NT users account.

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...and if you are looking for a simple proxy software you can try cc proxy, I have used it in past without any problems. Its Bandwidth shaper is really handy!.
I think he wants to set up a proxy server, but why doesn't he tell us in detail what he needs? Speak, my friend! The words command you!
well firstly dude u need to specify what do u mean by proxy

what is it exactly that you want

depending on that we can be able to provide some info

if u r looking for proxy servers for browsing

drop me a mail and i will give u a complete list
i think mozailla firefox can be set up automatic scan proxy,just setting it on tools>option>advanced>network>setting>auto-detect proxy setting on this network....then ok...

after that you will ask to insert username and password for the proxy you use....

too easy...
With Firefox you could use Tor:
Tor is a network of virtual tunnels that allows people and groups to improve their privacy and security on the Internet. It also enables software developers to create new communication tools with built-in privacy features. Tor provides the foundation for a range of applications that allow organizations and individuals to share information over public networks without compromising their privacy.

That's really what you want to use, you can change proxy by the click of a button and it's usually pretty fast. And if you are really paranoid about whatever you are doing you could use a high anonymity (elite) proxy ontop of that.

That's my advise.
If you use a local proxy, the best that I have ever used it's CCProxy...
check it has some free and paid software for proxy. but free software is slow. it will decrease the speed of your internet. if want good speed, then try paid software on the site.
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