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Can someone explain how google works exacly?

I'm new to all this search engine stuff, and I'm kinda lost. My site has been crawled by MSN 31 times and I'm on the first page for one or two keywords already, but Google has crawled my site 21 times and I'm not even in their directory. Can someone tell me how this works please? I feel like a complete noob.

James Bond-007
I'm not too sure eighter, but I was in the same situation as you, lol. MSN bot is ALWAYS on my site, and so was googlebot, but my site did eventually get on google, so be patient.
Yeah, thats exactly what happened to me, I added my site to Google and it still didn't show
Just before I get started, no one knows googles algorithm.
Noone not working for the google development and upkeep team that is.

Once you have subitted your site to google, it will be indexed. There is no ifs or buts. If the googlebot has been to your site, you are indexed. Where you are indexed? That's your own perrogative.

Want me to be proved correct? Add a site with some content and repeated keywords and make sure the meta tags are to do with the content. Be original, for example, make your page ranodm drivel about

"yellow croissants wishing to buy a combi van to tour Toronto"

Submit it to google and wait around a week, the google search the same phrase and you'll find yourself near the top.

The way to check your site 100% to see whether it has been indexed or not is to copy your entire URI into google and gof rom there.

Example, my site,

That many appear a little strange for you as I'm running a converted verion of Mozilla.
Actually searching the term "site:your url" will show whether or not your site is indexed.
bdoneck wrote:
Actually searching the term "site:your url" will show whether or not your site is indexed.

Yep and to top of the cake try


to see how many poeple have acknowledged your site and linkd to it.
when the googbot comes to your site you arn't listed on google yet. you can speed this up with google site map.

You may also want to get your page rating higher. For this you will need other pages to link to you.
I know exactly how you feel I wanted to get my site on google so I just added it my self. But if you type the name of my site your wont get it right away but if i type in the full url then i do site is a subdomain so...i guess it wouldn't be on the first page anyhow.
the google algorithm is loosely based on the PR (page rank) system i.e based on the no. of links to your website from other websites...also if you give out links to sites with a lower PR, some ppl said that it'll reduce ur PR as well.

now the reason why google is moving away from this is because the patent for this PR technology actually belongs to Stanford University
, where Sergey and Larry did their PhD but Google has exclusive rights to it till 2008 if i'm not wrong.

also googlebots are sent out to the web and all the websites are reindexed once a month on a major basis...during this time you should see a huge surge in the no. of googlebots to your site.
As Kit said No one knows the google algo. But this is known that more the number of *relevent* links to your site, the more popular google consider it. and heigher the Google page rank. If you have Gog. toolbar installed, you get the option to see the PR of all pages.
And people think, unproven hypothesis, that Google has a sandbox where it keeps the new site before showing the results to public, presumably to fight spam. Search google for google sandbox to know more.
For some reason the META tags in Frihost stop your site getting indexed - not sure why. Just make sure the google index META tags are the very first thing in your HEAD tag - otherwise your site will not be indexed.

Hope this helps...
it has something to do in the meta tags..(mybe)...

google add your site approxmately 2 to 3 weeks...
better add your site to several high ranked catalogues <b>with direct links</b>, like, and send sitemap to google (

you can check google pr here:
or use google to find service which checks different google servers (may vary)

(why direct links: some catalogues use 302 redirection, which pumps their pr, but can lower yours..)
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