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Tablet PC - worth the money?

Does anyone here have a tablet?

Is it worth the extra couple hundred bucks to have that touch sensitive screen? And the convenience?

And most importantly, are they durable? I have heard that sometimes hinges on laptops can give out (the hinges on my laptop seem to be fine, thus far) so I imagine with all that swivelling, it could distress the hinges. Thus break down, quickly.

I've been considering getting one because I've been feeling some carpal tunnel syndrome pains in my wrist from using the mouse. So the stylus might be nice for that. Plus the picture above, being able to WRITE, is so neat.

I have been given one of these for use at work (education). it is a convertable from notebook to tablet, which is even better.

is it better? I teach math, and it is important for me to be able to scribble notes on the screen as I go. So I absolutly love it. I'm not sure if I would use it outside of math.

The application on the screen is windows journal. You can litterally write notes on the page like a notebook, and then convert it to text. It does pretty decent recognixing your handwriting out of the box, and does a little better after you train it.

The hinge is very important, and must be protected. I'm concerned about the screen getting scratched up, but 4 weeks later it still looks really good. Ask me 8 months from now.
I would be worried about the hinge/pivot and whatever connection there is (if it's not wireless/bluetooth) between the screen and base. Perhaps it would be wise to see one in the flesh before making a commitment?
daylight operations ? how does the screen brightness comptete ?
Funny story on brightness....

I sometimes have had a problem with it not being bright enough when it's used outside. BUT, mine has a power management program that reduces screen intensity to about 30-40% when it is on battery power. I have never used it plugged in off the battery. So, i have only seen it on reduced intensity outdoors.

Now, given the ultra bright displays they are making today, I would suspect that when I fix it so that it is full intensity even on the battery, I will have no problems using it outside.

Really the biggest issue is getting used to writing thing instead of typing.. it's a little slower, and there is a learning curve, but so far so good.
Tablets are impressive usefull thing for graphic designers ... it's a lot more comfortable to design using tablet than mouse...
But in cheaper version - we may use just normal tablet, without LCD screen (WACOM make good tablets) with combination with your PC/Laptop ...
Well i feel it completely depends on the type of work for which it would be used.... I work in the aviation sector,hence i need something rugged and which can withstand shocks so i prefer a laptop. a touch sensitive screen dosent really work for me
that's one thing that surprised me...

The screen is not touch sensitive. Something called the digitizer responds only to the pen. The pen has a tip, and a right click button. The opposite side of the pen also responds differently, causing an eraser motion in pen enabled applications. Still haven't figured out how it works, because the pen doens't have batteries.
I would rather buy a nice ordinary laptop.
I like the tablet style. Have you seen the modbook yet? there are no hinges and a 3 year warranty.

Check it out HERE
I was buy genius tablet. is ok, buth i was need biger and then i was buy trust. Is not expensive and is not a brand buth is mutch better then small genius
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