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Do you know anybody who is similar to some celebrity?

Do you know people who are similar to celebrities?

I know girl who is just like Angelina Jolie Smile
I went to a convention once with a girl who looked just like Scarlet Johanson... would have been cool if she weren't a total jerk. :p
I also LARPed with a big muscley guy who looked like Val Kilmer if he worked out like Ahnold.
I have this childhood friend that looks exactly like Sandra Bullock but she is shorter than her. She also moves like Sandra in her movie miss congeniality. Pretty cool huh? And she doesn't have a boy friend. I'll give you her number if she wants to. Lol.

The vocalist of my former band was a look alike of a popular local musician here in the Philippines.
wow!! can you guys share the pics of all these girls Laughing lol!! kidding!!
but yeah, i dont mind getting introduced to Angelina Jolie look-alike Razz
There was a Theoretical Physicist in my Physics class that looked EXACTLY like Gordon Freeman. Glasses, beard, and everything. I wanted to buy him a hazmat suit and give him a crowbar.
I a met a guy once who looked like a guy off this tv show called home and away. One time at McDonalds some one asked if he was that person. He was in a dinner suit at the time and said yes and that he had just come from a presentation ceremony. He then started signing autographs from all these people. A girl then came along and recognised him from school and everyone screwed the autographs up and threw them at him!
There was a guy at my old job who looked exactly like a young Dustin Hoffman. Like, Dustin Hoffman in that film "The Graduate." He was pretty cute but he was a huge douche and a total horn dog. So it goes~
Although I don't know anyone who looks like a celebrity, I found this site -

It is about people who look like celebrities, but usually it also compares people with cartoons and animals as well. Laughing
Theres also a show (in Canada) about that. It's called Celebrity Look-A-Like. Some of them are stupid, and it seems that all of them are just picky. Not the best show, but some episodes are okay.
I don't know anyone who looks like a celebrity in person, but I was working out at the gym one day, and I saw this one guy that looked like Chuck Norris. Shocked Not quite as muscular, but the face, the beard, hair...all so similar that it was almost scary.
I work with Sammy Davis Jr and Al Capone. Sammy Davis Jr works in the dog food department. He's a cool kat. Al Capone works in the produce department. She is one of the laziest and most annoying person I know at the moment. Yes, I said "she". She's balding, has facial hair, and a bit stumpy. I'm telling you, looks just like Al Capone.
There is a guy at my work who looks very similar and who speaks a little like Ryan Stiles. When I first saw him, I noticed straight away. No-one else has mentioned this to him though Razz
I have a friend who looks exactly like Tim Rozon (he played in Instant Star) He's such a cutie :d
The kids at the school I used to work at said I looked like Snoop Dog, but white.
Don't know if there is something to it, but it's not impossible...
My dad looks very similar to Sting. They have got the same receding hairline Razz
I've met alot of people that are similar to celebrities...

The real question is : Do you know a celebrity?
I look myself in the mirror every morning.
I have a blast.
goutha wrote:
I've met alot of people that are similar to celebrities...

The real question is : Do you know a celebrity?

I know a guy from dEUs... Does somebody know the band Smile
PennyLane wrote:
goutha wrote:
I've met alot of people that are similar to celebrities...

The real question is : Do you know a celebrity?

I know a guy from dEUs... Does somebody know the band Smile

Yeah, but I'm Belgian so... Smile

I have Nicole Kidman in my class!
Apparently we all are:
yeah one of my friend thinks he is like rahul dravid, infact in a contest he gave his entry and stood 2nd or 3rd I guess.

I also know a shopkeeper who looks like a villain in Indian movies, I'm forgetting his name he also acted in movie rangeela. In real world we often meet people when we mistake them for some other personality. In my school I once met such a situation, I mistook one relative as a known celebrity!!
I know a couple people who look like a few hollywood celebs.

Locally tho, I know quite a number of 'celebrities'
Actually I know several people that kinda look like celebrities. None of the model types but it always come down to the nose or the lips. It's not surprising cause I visit imdb sometimes and their message boards you will get people saying this person looks like this person which in my opinion looks nothing alike so there's that as well.
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