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On what configuration did you work for the first time?


I have worked on 233 MHz VIA chipset processor with 8MB RAM, 5.25 Floppy drive, MSDOS 5, No hard disk.

Later, I tried to work Oracle on 533MHz Intel (I don't remember processor name), with 16 MB RAM, 5.25 Floppy drive, 4 GB hard disk, with Windows 3.11

What is the configuration of the system that you have worked for the first time?

ICL 1900 series mainframe (I think it was a 1955, later upgraded to a 2955). It was a long time ago but IIRC it had about 32K of core memory (24 bit words - 6 bit bytes so upper-case only), a hammer printer with a capacitor bank (to fire the hammers) that could kill the engineer if he forgot to discharge it when the covers were off, about 5 washing-machine sized exchangeable disk drives (the disk packs were physically very large but had very low capacity by todays standards) and a couple of reel-to-reel tape drives.

It ran an underlying operating system called DME (Direct Machine Emulation) which then ran GEORGE 2S (GEneral ORganisational Environment) to take care of task threading etc.

Only the developers had network connections (via 'MaxiMop' terminals). All live data was input in batches using punched cards or, sometimes, paper tape. All live output was printed. Part of our (there being 2 or 3 operators per shift, 3 8 hour shifts per day) job was to decollate and burst the reports then make sure they were put in the right in-trays and shipping cartons around the building.
That was my first computer
CPU: Celeron 600MHz;
256 RAM;
Graphic Card: Nvidia TNT2 Pro 32MB(same as now Smile )

Now it isn't something very different.
My first computer was a Commodore 16 with 16kb of RAM and a tape-drive.

My first PC was an XT (8086) running at, if I remember correctly, 7 Mhz. It had two 5 inch floppy drives, a hard disk with 20 mb and a monochrome monitor. Oh boy Very Happy
My first computer was an intel pentuim 2 processor 333MHZ, 20gb hd, 128mb ram, not sure about everything else.

It was a compaq.
The first computer I ever had contact with was an Apple Macintosh using Kid Paint. I then would use various Pentium 1's Packard Bells and IBMs running Windows 3.1.1 whenever I had the chance. Eventually the first computer in my ownership, was given to me by a neighbor, a no-name system that would have otherwise been trashed with 2x5.25in floppy drives; an orange and black screen and the only software loaded was a chess game. Finally I was given a third-hand Pentium I 200Mhz "custom"/generic tower with half a gig of hard-drive space and a faulty modem. Several years later I bought a Pentium III 800Mhz w/ 128mb RAM and integrated i810 graphics that still serves me today (though I'm shopping for it's replacement). While some of the veterans that started off with commodores and such would consider me "spoiled"; "spoon-fed" a GUI w/ Windows, things have changed significantly in just a short-time and I laugh when I hear someone tell me that the first videogame (slightly off-topic but gaming has gone hand-in-hand with the development of "PC" platforms) they played was a 3d game such as FFVII, I reminiscence about the good 'ole days of 2d games with 8-bit graphics, though I suppose I missed the whole text-based gaming era.
My first computer was an E-Machines computer with Windows 98, 128MB Ram, and a 16Gb HDD. It was very sluggish and always gave me the stupid blue screen of death :s
One of those old crusty-rusty iMac's. *shudder* I was playing Neopets on dial-up in those days.
First computer was a Commodore Vic-20 with a whopping 4K RAM and no disk drive. Data was stored on casette tapes Smile

First PC was an XT though I dont remember how much RAM that one had.
Bones wrote:
First computer was a Commodore Vic-20 with a whopping 4K RAM and no disk drive. Data was stored on casette tapes Smile

First PC was an XT though I dont remember how much RAM that one had.

These cassette tapes were nightmare to me, I remember getting the game Commando ready we wait for 1/2 hour then boom something wrong happens then gota load the tapes again!!!

I think my first PC that I owned personally was 286 chipset, no HD, couple 5.25 drives and not sure what my RAM was but I know i didn't have it for too long till I got something better i386 dx with whopping 4MB RAM, then i486 with 8MB, then Pentium Pro 200MHz with 64MB RAM
The first computer that I ever worked on was back in 1995 when I was in 8th grade. We used to deal with a 386 machine and the first ever program that I used was the LOGO programming language. We used to draw pretty graphics with that tool. I never realized its power until just now as I was trying to find out more about it in Wikipedia! I also learnt Wordstar word processing since it was part of my school curriculum.

I am not sure about the internal rig of the machine since it was a part of the school computer lab. I got a PC of my own at home in 1997 -- a Pentium 120 MHz machine with 1 Gig of HD, 16 MB RAM and running Windows 95!
The first computer I ever used was a 80386SX. It ran DOS 6 and Windows 3.1 and had only a few MB of RAM. The hard disk was only 250 MB, I think. I used to use it for word-processing (Windows Write) and some games (such as Dyna, Tetris, etc.).
My first system was
900MHz, 128MB RAM, Riva TNT 32MB Video Card , 20GB HD (which I still have Very Happy)
My very first computer... oh.. memories...

Amstrad cpc 6128...
No, i am not that old, but since i was little, i was using this thing...My father never let me touch his pc Sad
Then, my, MY, first computer was a Celeron 466, 128MBMB Ram, 8,4GB HDD, Savage 4 32MB.
Pretty nice Comp Razz
Well mine was :

Celeron 700 MHz
with 64 MB RAM
and 20 GB HDD

but i had worked on Intel386 processor based machine

Then later worked on a pentium based machine
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