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How would you deactivate your frontal lobes?

Since they are not necessary to live, how would you go about deactivating them? Trying to test something out.
EanofAthenasPrime wrote:
Since they are not necessary to live, how would you go about deactivating them? Trying to test something out.

Wow, this sounds a bit improbable and unreasonable.

I don't think I could live without my frontal lobes after reading this.
You're trying to turn off a certain part of your brain? Thats pretty much impossible unless you want to hit your head agianst something to damage your frontal lobe.
There might be a chemical way, but the only way I'm aware of is a lobotomy (a la "One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest").

The frontal lobes may not be necessary to live, but they certainly control emotion. Removing them causes serious personality changes. Not necessarily desirable changes.

I suggest you do a little research to help you understand the risks. In particular, look up Howard Dully and Walter Freeman.

This is an interesting site with an interesting perspective from some victims and their families:
Saying that your frontal lobes aren't necessary for life is like saying that a conscious human being is the equivalent of a vegetable on life support. You can probably just cut it off but you'll end up like Phineas Gage, the construction worker who had a tamping iron stuck in his head and ended up with part of this frontal lobes removed. This made him very unemotional, among other things. It's unethical to test it out on other humans, so you'll have to stick with analyzing previous case studies.
Session 9 is a pretty good movie that features one way of lobotomy
How would I deactivate my what? Not sure I want to do that actually but at the risk of having my instant message cavity being bombarded with nasty little remarks -> GO Blonde! Laughing

Thanks for sharing, did look briefly at your website and it has a very cool look to it and very interesting. Will be curious to receive an update on the project development. I hope it is ok to comment on a small quote from your site.

The next step in this experiment would be to create a "helmet" that would house thousands of "dual probes (probe can take away or give a charge.)". Connected to this helmet would be a small (but sturdy) wire/s leading to a . . - EanofAthenasPrime

Why do I envision something going badly wrong here and the subject not being able to explain what it is was that went wrong. Seriously Help, I am getting scared. Sad
Interesting thread! Really original thought. I actually would also want to be in a position to be able to do that, provided that I can do it safely, and most of all activate them back again. I would imagine that the most likely way of doing it will be with use of chemicals, in combination with electrodes? I'm a bit of a coward though. I'd rather not fiddle with it at all. One can follow a very healthy diet perhaps and use some natural supplements that can even out whatever is causing you to want to de-activate those lobes.
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