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Please Please give me some understanding

I have a question Some might find it funny and some may not, and some may have the same question.

My question is very genuine and could be very simple but not for me. So please help me with this.

What is the difference between and where x is the domain name of the subscriber?

For me when i use i see the newly uploaded or updated website and when i use i see the old web site.

What is the difference and if there is no diference why is it happening. It's a wonder for my small world of IT?

Please help
Wkipedia wrote:
The letters "www" are commonly found at the beginning of web addresses because of the long-standing practice of naming Internet hosts (servers) according to the services they provide. So for example, the host name for a web server is often "www"; for an FTP server, "ftp"; and for a USENET news server, "news" or "nntp" (after the news protocol NNTP). These host names appear as DNS subdomain names, as in "".

This use of such prefixes is not required by any technical standard; indeed, the first web server was at "",[14] and even today many web sites exist without a "www" prefix. The "www" prefix has no meaning in the way the main web site is shown. The "www" prefix is simply one choice for a web site's subdomain name.

If you see old files, try refreshing yur cache by pressing Ctrl + F5
mathiaus has nailed it on the dot, your browser finds and as 2 different sites, thuse, when using the new one, theres nothing in your browsers cache for it.
ditto same on frihost.

but google will see it differently. it will see and as different site, use google webmasters to set the preferred domain to whatever u wish, and then stick to it..

it you use the www version put up a .htaccess rewrite to rewrite the non-www version.

if you want the non-www version o be the default, use .htaccess too, and for demo,, have a look at my sites rewriting redirects to and is also the preferred domain in google webmasters
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