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Website design and promotion advic

Are you thinking that it is about time your small business had an internet presence, however are not too sure how or who to go to build and promote the website.

This article will hopefully be of benefit to you as it will give you free tips on website promotion and on how to obtain a website on the cheap.

Many people believe that it will cost them thousands to have a website designed and this fact alone puts many people off. Due to the large number of people who now offer website design services, this should not be the case. The websites at the bottom of this article were designed for under 50 and there is no reason why you should pay over a 100 for a similar website. It is not just about the price of course, if you pay 50 and the website is not search engine friendly or looks rubbish then its a waste of 50.

If you are willing to be patient and to make a few calls and write a few emails you should be able to find a great deal.

Once you have the website built you then need to think about website promotion. A favourite of mine is google adwords, this is where you pay a fee to appear on their sponsored websites section which appears on the right hand side of the search results. This enables you to obtain a first page entry on the search engine for a particular phrase or keyword.
Where's the website?

Anyways, it's a pretty good tip. Make more and post them in the tutorial section.
argha is fist on the yahoo search and altavista with the keyword "chittaranjan park" The site is about the bengali community in delhi (Chittaranjan Park)
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