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Best FTP Software

What software does everyone use for uploading their files. I use SmartFTP but am begginning to get annoyed. Because it always stops uploading my files and gets disconnected.

Does anyone use a better ftp program. If so could you tell me what it is please ?

Or if someone knows how to stop SmartFTP from disconnecting all the time, could you also tell me that.

Thank You, Gracias
I use gFTP.

On win32, the best FTP client is said to be Filezilla...
I agree. Filezilla is one of the best and if it disconnect (time out) it will reconnect and continue uploading.
Ok thank you very much. I will get this now. I am so sick of smartftp.

I like the sound of the one your suggesting because it reconnects and continues uploading.
I'm not 100% sure that i didn't turn that reconnecting and continue uploading thing on in options myslef but i think it does that as default..and it's free.

I had some problems with disconnecting too..this client helped me with this.
ok thank you kamo. Help is very much apreciated.

Fetch is pretty good for Mac.

Filezilla is the best for Windows.

There is a "nightly build" of FileZilla for Mac and Linux that you can download from their CVS... it's completely unsupported but usually works well.
I prefer to flashfxp,very humanrize software!
Kamo wrote:
I'm not 100% sure that i didn't turn that reconnecting and continue uploading thing on in options myslef but i think it does that as default..and it's free.

I had some problems with disconnecting too..this client helped me with this.

So far i havent needed to switch this on or anything with this software. I havent got disconnected once. Plus my files seem to delete and upload faster.

So again, thank you very much
Fillezila works just fine and it seems the best that you can get to windows.
If Fillezila gets disconnected it reconnects automatically, you don't have to turn any option on, it's a default setting.
Although, if you are connected some time, like 10 min, doing nothing, the server will disconnect you but that will happen with every ftp apps.
i use ServU , very complete ftp server
but filezilla is also a good server ..
I prefer FlashFXP but Filezilla is also very good and completely free. You should install few FTP clients on your computer and then choose which one will you use.
I use FileZilla its one of the greatest open sources applications ever have made. I have started using FileZilla like 3 years ago and never had problems with it.
FileZilla here too.
I like TotalCommander, but for frihost it isn't good.
Frihost FTP server sometime lost connection... and FileZilla can resume such connection. That is nice when You upload lots of files , like Joomla, phpBB or other large script ...

For stable hosts - TotalCommander, for frihost: FileZilla
I have had my best FTP experience with FileZilla, which, after going through so many other FTP clients, I still use. I've been using FileZilla for over two years now. Very Happy It works perfectly fine when I connect to frihost. Only time I've had a problem connecting has been with an ssh server, but it could have been because of the way I configured it. I'm not too familiar with ssh.
FileZilla is the best, just tried it a few hours ago to work with some hosts. It's good.
I used Total Commander for everything, also for FTP. Now I use Krusader, but i have some problems to connect to some restricted servers (with one allowed connection per username)
Thanks a lot guys!
I hasve been using SmartFTP for a long time now, but it got really anoying as it kept dropping many many files.
I finally decided to change to another program but couldnt decide on which one, but after reading this topic I downloaded FileZilla and it works great!
I recommend FileZilla!
I use CoreFTP Lite. It is free and it works fine.
I use cyberduck. This is in my opinion the best ftp client I have used. The interface is very sleek and simple and it just does what you expect of it with out any limitations.

You can see it HERE

My number two favorite is Fireftp It is free and very useful.
FTPRush or UltraFTP
I also use Filezilla. It's quite simple to use and works fine.
I am using FileZilla as well...
Simple, nice and works well for me Smile
Filezilla is the best for Windows
I have a copy of FrontPage 2003 on my computer, so I just use that.
Transmit (Mac-only) Smile it costs a few bucks, but I bought it together with Coda (another software from the same studio). I think it's really worth the money, but if you don't want to spend money for FTP-Software, try Cyberduck.
On Windows, I would recommend FileZilla. I never used some FTP-software for Windows that wasn't free.
Ranfaroth wrote:
I use gFTP.

On win32, the best FTP client is said to be Filezilla...

Exactly the same things I use on Linux and Windows. Razz
oh well, i just use the explorer and type in ftp://mysite and drag and drop the files!! never need to use any programs lol
I have used used Smart FTP for years and love it. It is easy to use, fast friendly and very well organized. The web sight has tutorials and friendly to navigate.

SmartFTP 2.5 Build 1008 released
I prefer use flashFXP because I can transfer files from FTP to FTP and it is easy to use.
Studio Madcrow
The best FTP software is an FTP command line. It can handle connections to all sorts of machines that "normal" FTP clients choke on (Ever try connecting to an FTP server running on VMS or TOPS-20 using a GUI client? Wasn't pretty, was it?) and if you know Unix commands, isn't even very hard.
i am using cuteftp. it's quite simple and user friendly
Core ftp Pro.
I like this because I upload alot of big files; and when using Totalcmd I sometimes disconnect and than I have to start all over.
In belgium we have data transfer limits so that's quite annoying.
but Core ftp Pro automatically resumes uploads after an unexpected disconnect. Smile
I like FilleZila, I think it is a very good FTP Progam Razz . I used SmartFTP to, but they are deleted from my computer Laughing .
SmartFTP has been my first choice for a while now. I did suffer from the problem of getting disconnected halfway through uploading or downloading but then I read up on how to use the 'Transfer Queue' feature and now it just keeps going until its finished.

I also installed Filezilla client and played with that a few times and TBH it is growing on me Wink but I am kinda stuck on SmartFTP still Smile
I use Cute FTP PRO but it´s Shareware Crying or Very sad
Im looking for a new FTP...
FlashFXP is my choice. Why? Simple> Tidy, light, it provide many features, and i like its CHMOD function 'cause i can do CHMOD works for All Files and Folders, which CuteFTP does not support. SmartFTP is cool, but it's slow. I only dont like multi-session function 'cause it makes me run client 2 times and then my taskbar filled. I tried LeapFTP - very portable Ftp Client, but it's like FlashFXP.
I'll try out FileZilla after this post.
i like cuteftp for PC, and transmit for MAC... I just use it for their basic purposes, such as uploading and downloading files to my websites. For doing just that these fit the bill, and are extremely user friendly.
On my mac I use Transmit from panic software.

Its a really nice piece of software. the UI is really intuitive and easy to use. On windows I've used CuteFTP and WinSCP. I like winSCP because its opensource.
in windows: total commander. Usually it does a perf job, but sometimes on frihost it gets disconnected. That's a major pain in the butt. So that's when FileZilla comes into place.
On *nix machines, filezilla is the ultimate tool!
I use Filezilla too, and I think it's the best free solution for FTP (client and server)
I use SmartFTP, for me its pretty much the best free solution. I used FileZilla aswell, though don't like it that much, the interface of SmartFTP is a lot better compared to FileZilla.
fireFTP extension for firefox is enough for me Very Happy
Agent ME
aningbo wrote:
oh well, i just use the explorer and type in ftp://mysite and drag and drop the files!! never need to use any programs lol

Except with explorer you can't view files that don't have a filename last time I checked. Really annoying when you use .htaccess files and other apache .ht* files.
wsftp oldscool,

It is just an simple ftp program which you choose what file(s) you want to uploud and he does it. no extra fuetures, just simple and efective.

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