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Drummers: Let's share some knowledge

Hey all

This is mainly directed at drummers. I'm currently looking at getting into some session work for some friends who run a studio and one artist in particular who is recording with them needs some pseudo-latin rhythms. I have a very tiny amount of latin knowledge, but zero experience and I know there's a lot that I don't know yet.

So anyone got some good latin drumming (on drumset) resources for me?

I do, however have 10 years of experience drumming in rock, prog, metal, funk, pop, punk, etc... So I have a lot of knowledge (outside of jazz and latin) and if you have a question about just about anything drumming related feel free to ask!

Not that I know everything but I'm sure that there's people here who can probably help out.

I am Italian so I apologize my english before I start to write something wrong Smile

I also am a drummer and I like to play every kind of percussion that exists.....

so I am happy to see some people like me to improve their knowledge in this various world!!!!

I started to play rock about eight years ago and I still play it even if i like to play with a jazz and latin sound.

Do you know some group that play those kind of music (I mean jazz or latin and rock) toghether??

... do you know some books that teach you to learn to play jazz very well???


The best Jazz books are Advanced Techniques for the Modern Drummer by Jim Chapin, and its sequel (Advanced Techniques... 2)

Being able to play all of the first book is considered the 'standard' for a modern jazz drummer, and for quite a long after Jim first published it in 1939 (I think), he was the only one who could actually play the entire first book! So it's quite difficult. I have the first one, and it was worth every cent, even though I hardly ever feel motivated to practise it Wink.

That Jim Chapin stuff is awesome !

Regarding your questions, I think Dave Weckl has made a book and a CD called Afro Cuban rythms.
Also have a grasp of "Funkyfying the clave" by robbie ameen and lincoln goines.

Some other ressources there (beat charts samples) :

Enjoy !
Hey Dacode! Thanks for the info.

I actually remembered Chris Brien's book Progressive Rhythms ( ). Chris Brien is one of Australia's top drummers with AMAZING interdependence. He's done a clinic for us before and seeing him in person was phenomenal.

I emailed him for info about his book, and it sounds like its exactly what I was after, so I've ordered a copy which I'm (hopefully) picking up tonight when I get to the teaching studio. I don't have the email in front of me and I'm too lazy to open the page :p but I think he mentioned there's 8 different standard clave patterns, etc. and then all these ostinatos and layers to play on top.

It's going to be a lot of fun and hard work! If only I had 10 more hours of practise time in the week Smile.

But I suppose it's also stuff I can practise tapping with my hands while I'm at work :-----)

Oh yeah, make sure you check Chris out, you'll be amazed.
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