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Free Web Directory

Hello guys.
Check out this web directory:
Description: AWebDir is an SEO friendly web site and article directory which accepts free submissions. There are over 500 categories to choose from.

Thank you !
Did you design this website from scratch. Or do you use a script for it. If you used a script, which one did you use.
If you designed this from scratch, looks really great Smile Once you get some content going, I could see this being a strong site

Seems like a very good site, very nice layout. However, did you fully script this layout yourself? Also, I notice, there is no anti-spam for users who reg... this can mean a bot can come spam accounts and fill up your database.. (and killing everyone elses website connection) that I think needs to be picked.
its a readymade directory script that i downloaded fews weeks back but didnt use because of its layout. (BIG Font Sizes. See the navigation bar and the right side of the directory page).

So far as the directory categories are concerned, i love the look. I like your directory overall (just edit some CSS). There is Poll on the main page and there is no button to submit the poll option. I just clicked on the pool's last option "I didnt like this" and its automatically submitted. Sorry for that. Sad
There is a problem with the logo-image.
haha... you have good eyes "catscratches".
I've take out the logo... and i'm working to it(it will not be complicated because i don't know graphics and i'll make it simple).
And about the website... i used a script for this website (eSyndicat).
Now i'm trying to get it indexed to google.

Thanks for support.
In first sense, I think it is a good web directory, with neat layout and a good-looking background (at the time i visit the directory, the logo is already well set). Personally I appreciate that you have used the script "eSyndicat", which is a fantastic scripting. The fact is, however , there is more than enough website directories in the internet, but few people have the need to use one, under the impact of Google and Yahoo. Therefore, I will say your directory as an average one. To become an outstanding directory , a lot more work should be done on advertising and expanding your web, and surely there is a long way to go. Good Luck!

Wink Regards, Good luck!
While this is true that directores don't serve much purpose for surfers, they do help people building websites.

Directories are easy places to get your link out on the web when you are first building a site. This helps give you credibility with the search engine spiders, and it helps you build traffic until you can get backlinks from other types of sites.

So in that sense it is as useful as any other free directory.

- Walkere
Thank you guys for your oppinions and you support.
I've already sugested it to few websites that sell Website Submission software and they need to make the Web Directory database bigger and offcourse they accept links sugestions.
Many people will be able to see my website and submit theyr links to my web directory.
Some of them will add a backlink... other will not add.
Who knows... maybe i'll have luck. Smile

I have one blog too... it has over 1300 pages indexed to google... and i't submited to over 200 Web Directories... and i'm still trying to promote it to get more people to visit it.

Thank you !
You have very nice layout on your site. Graphics look nice and clean. However the code isn't valid xhtml1.0 transitional. You could fix some errors by making and external javascript file. I think that most of the errors come from internal javascript.
I absolutely love your websites layout... it's wonderful! However, I really think you should consider buying a domain... your site looks good enough to pass as a .com! Very Happy Just my opinion... it's probably the best looking I've seen so far!
Account has been suspended Sad
Dude Check out its been suspended
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