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Marvel superheroes

I just gave my oldest kid the marvel superheros boardgame... so very good illustrated! 16 plastic figures in color - 2 inch high...

10 pages of rules OMG... have to read for ages...

several decks with heroes n villains - so nicely drawn!!!

Just the artwork was worth the money - BUT it was expensive...

Has Anyone played it?

Perhaps boardgames are not so hip today...

4 teams n boss villains for the plastic figs... fantastic 4 dr doom, x men aso...

1 to 4 players n different story lines. 8 dices for the fights...
The game sounds cool as all hell.

I love playing board games, and its most definitely true that its a dying pasttime. It's just so much more fun, and so much less loser-like than sitting in front of a console with 8 or so people. The board, and the pieces, and the arguing over the rules, its all to awesomely interactive to pass it up.

Think you might be able to link me something about this game? Id be interested in checking it out? Is it older?
Yeah, sounds great. I used to play boardgames, but now... I just spend almost whole day playing computer games. It's terrifying Confused

Cheers Smile
This game does sound really cool. Could you post a link to it? I love Marvel characters. I am almost done with playing Marvel Ultimate Alliance. If you have a fairly new video game system, you should look into it.

theres the link...

Well it took me reading the rules about 4 times before I got the whole picture...
Also a faq is on the site - explains some difficulties in the rules.

We played tonight and it was quite fun - The hulk had level 3 n that was tought (with spiderman as a supporting character) - I beat him once with the kingpin (doing a masterplan thing - n added alot of supporting cards) - The hulk squashed kingpin once but kingpin had a good ally villain and knocked the hulk after some while... puuuh!!! The hulk team won the whole thing ( that means U beat most villains in the simplest scenario...)
a video so you can see the board...
Very cool... its a Fantasy Flight game

They made the WoW game, as well as Twilight Imperium, my favorite extremely long and complicated board game
the games is complicated (at least at first) - I tried it yesterday again. Idrew mostly weak villians at first n got punded by the other player... perhaps I would like longer fights (that each hero/villian got more knockout numbers ie longer fights)... But I have not played it so long yet
Hi there,

I'm a hard-core player of Boardgames, I have loads of them and still buy more once in a while. Of course its not "normal" kiddy boardgames but the one more directed to adults, with lots of strategy to use during the playing.

Marvel Superheroes is a boardgame from Fantasy Flight Games, a fantastic manufacturer that has loads of other very successful games such as Doom: Boardgame, Arkham Horror, World of Warcraft: Boardgame, ...

If youn like Marvel Superheores, try, for instance, Arkham Horror, it has a great theme (Lovecraftian Adventure) adn it can be played by up to 8 players.

If you are curious, check out which is a huge database with, probably, all the boardgames that exist Smile

Stay Cool
I read the great link n the game got good creds BUT the only downside is that it is fokused on the playstrategy more than the fights. The fights are short (as I described above) - so don't expect so much thinking about fights...
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