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Mother and infant relationship

THe mother and the new born infant should not be separated phycially in terms of diantce at least till 2 years of age
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I have seen that in the western world the relationship between the mother and the infant is very different from what it is in the eastern world
The western world it is seen that the mother and the infant are separated very early and most mothers put the infant about 6 to 8 moths onward in a separate room
The relationship between husband and wife and their being together in the night is more important than the being together of the mother and the young child
On the other hand i have seen and read that in the eastern countries like India, China and the orient the situation is quite different the mother child relationship and the bond is extended to many years
It is even to the extant that the there is a strained relationship between the husband and the wife after child birth
I would like readers to please comment on this and let me know their opinions on the pros and cons of the these to diametrically opposite social behavior
i believe a mother and her infant should be together till she think he/she is stable enough to be on her own. maybe until 8 or 9. true, in eastern thinking, the mother holds on tightly to the child because there is a bond, and that can be a problem as well. the child is not given the freedom to live on his own and develop his own thinking.

the best age should be 4.
An infant if he is separated from his mother is going to need another mother but he will eventually know about her not being his real mother, and it is more than just a genetics story. People have a strong affection relationship to their real parents (apart from when they really hate them). a man ho grows up without hios mother or without his father is never going to reach his full potential.
In my culture it varies what people do. (im estonian in case you didn't know). Very often the baby is in the same room as the mother and father. Usualy this stays until they baby becomes more independent eg. doesnt wake up all the time during the night. And even after the baby is old enough that it doesnt need to be in the same room then the room it stays in usualy is right next to the parents room.

I will agree though that western and eastern views on infants are different. Most westerners put there kids into day care. In my case my mom stopped working just so she could stay home and raise me and later on my sister.

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