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What is SEO marketing?

hi friends,
am listening to many things about SEo that its helps a lot in traffic generating, it increases the site or page rank, its help a lot in the rapid increase of the earning over internet,

BUT my question is that how we can do SEO marketing, i mean there are alot of websites that claims that pay us we will make ur web at the top of every big search engines?
how they can do?

i know placing links in the directory helps in page ranking but how can i appear my web on top of search engine? they claim that your web will apear at teh top of search engines, and am can't crack them out how they do, if anyone of u works fro SEO marketing or know the professional tips about SEO then please Advice me, in return i will give u frih$ and also a real $'s if u want to and if u know about that.

Post here or PM me.
thank u very much.
No body Knows this? if someone know then please go for the Post Confused
Search Engine Optimization can be made by us easlly without spending money.

SEO can be focusing in two ways
1) Onepage optimization
2) offpage optimazation

Onpage optimization

1) Keywords
2) Page title
3) meta tag
4) Giving Bold and changing Italics for your keywords
5) including keywords in image file name (i.e. frihost_freehosting.jpg)
6) using ALT tag in images

Offpage optimization

>Get more and more backlinks from websites which is having Higher Pagerank
There's a free ebook called SEO FastStart by Dan Thies which I highly recommend. This guy has the most integrity I've seen in any SEO specialist in that he's all about providing you with good info and not about just bombarding you with a bunch of affiliate links leading to other SEO "specialists" who then bombard you with yet more affiliate links leading to still more specialists. Pretty soon you just end up as an opportunity hunter chasing after dreams of making a zillion dollars a day online (which is exactly where all the SEO hustlers want you) instead of spending your time assimilating and applying real honest-to-goodness quality advice. Check it out.
One thing I have found is that you need to have good quality content. If you don't have that, even the people who do find your site will leave and not want to come back.
GB wrote:
One thing I have found is that you need to have good quality content. If you don't have that, even the people who do find your site will leave and not want to come back.
Yes, contents are the backbone of SEO, without proper content your site will never get the proper promotion and traffic. Even if it get some traffic, nobody would be willing to stay there. On the other hand if you have some quality content, your site would rank better and get much better traffic and enquiries...
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