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Server on my computer issues

I have been trying to set up my computer to host a website for quite a while now. So I installed apache which went well and then when I typed localhost it came up with the normal "It Works!" message. Now I tried setting up a static ip address but this didn't work at all. I really think it is something to do with my ISP. So then I signed up to to try and sort this out but when I signed up and downloaded the programme, my site goes straight to my router.

This is not good! So instead of seeing my site I see the router settings. The router must be hogging port 80 for itself. I don't really understand that though because when I typed localhost it came up with my site and not the router which is weird...

Anyway I then decided to change the apache port to 88 which I did successfully so now localhost doesn't work unless it is localhost:88 which is right. So I set no-ip up to connect to my ip on port 88 but it doesn't work....


Is my port 88 not open?

Should I use a port which is already open (suggestions) because I have tried to open port 88 from my router...

AGH! Any help will be much appreciated.
you can set apache back to port 80. You don't have to type the port behind the address that way. And you should try a proxy when connection to your local pc with the internet ip/domain name. Most routers/modems don't understand what you are trying to do at such a moment.

If you use a proxy you will probably get an error. Something like: this host doesn't accept connections. If this happens you have to forward the port in the router/modem to your pc. If this still doesn't work, try looking at your firewall.

I hope this will help you a bit.
Thanks for the quick response. Very Happy

Yeah. I changed it back to port 80 and tried accessing it through a proxy. It said error 101 timeout or something like that so it can't access my router which is good.

It still can't access my website though. Do you know how I would be able to get it to?

I have tested all of the main ports on an online portscanner and it says that they are all closed. I think this may be the problem but I can't seem to open the ports. It just doesn't work.
can you tell me the type of router/modem you have? I will try to find a tutorial on how to forward ports with your router/modem.
I have followed rough tutorials on other routers before unsuccessfully but the router is a belkin F5D7632-4

Forward port 80, and make sure you use a proxy when trying to connect. Or even better ask a friend to connect.
rvec wrote:

Forward port 80, and make sure you use a proxy when trying to connect. Or even better ask a friend to connect.

Thanks for the help. Still isn't working though! I will keep trying. It is maybe a problem with the router. I am sure it opened ports perfectly before.
if you also have a router the router might be the problem. To get my server working I had to open ports on the router and the modem. And you might also need to open ports on your pc.
Sometimes, it is not the issues with your router and settings but the ISP have been
blocked the 80 port to avoid user build a web using their bandwidth.

So, you may try different to see if it is work or not.
You can try using the url below to test. just add a port number after the [port] param

Also, you router settings should have an entry like

80 ==> [ip-address-redirected-to] / [port-number][your-port-number-to-test]

P.S. I'am not using router, instead a gateway PC.

Wish this help
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