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Grand Funk Railroad!

Hey all,

Just a review of a great album I enjoy listening to.

As The Mighty Phoenix rises from the ashes; GFR was rising from the ashes as well after of a long lawsuit with there former manger Terry Knight. Mark, Don and Mel Got the Name Grand Funk Railroad and Terry Knight got everything else. Phoenix was GFRs only self produced effort and I think its just a great album (CD). It was a departure from the early power trio days and they had added Craig Frost (Keyboard) to the band to round and fill out the sound. The album had one Radio hit, Rock N roll Soul that is a fine song and GFR plays it to this day, But the album is filled with very good songs that are somewhat forgotten and should not be. Someone is a sad and pretty yearning for love song. Rain Keeps Fallin again a nice love song. Freedom Is For Children a political song speaking about what our feature would hold. She Got to Move Me an interesting hard rocking song about a young groupie. Trying To Get Away a common theme in GFRs and excellently wrote and Sang song. I Just Got To Know Again Political, an anti war song and much more and Gotta Find Me A Better Day Another well written song Don Brewer and Mark Farner are both underrated song writers and the songs hear on Phoenix are all well written with one exception; So You Won't Have To Die is a Little Goofy On The Lyrics it goes from dealing with over population to getting your soul saved and does not make the transition well, but not a bad song. Flight Of The Phoenix an Instrumental that just flat out rocks, the electric fiddle added in there is just terrific and a first at the time in Rock N roll. Phoenix also as a rocking bonus track of Flight Of The Phoenix and is a remasterred CD with 24 bit technology, It sounds wonderful, it also has restored the original artwork and has new liner notes. This album sold a million copies back in the day, but that was smaller sales then GFRs pervious albums, it was a transitional period of GFR where GFR was searching for a new identity after there break up with Terry Knight and I think they did a wonderful Job; This is a must have CD for all GFR fans. Next came We're An American Band and Shinin On so the transition worked and GFR was back on top of the rock n roll world.

wow, I really should have added some for any inconvenience Sad

Keep it real.....
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