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And yet another crackpot plan for Jakarta

Jakarta Post
People in Indonesia's capital banned from giving money to beggars

JAKARTA (AP): People who give money to beggars, street musicians or food vendors in Indonesia's bustling capital will face jail time or hefty fines under legislation passed Monday, an official said.

The city council says the aim of the public order law is to clean up Jakarta.

Residents who buy food or goods from hawkers operating outside assigned locations, give money to panhandlers, sell newspapers or solicit sex on the streets could spend 60 days in jail or be fined up to US$2,100, said Arie Budhiman, a city spokesman.

"We want to clear Jakarta of beggars and street hawkers," he said, acknowledging that it will not be easy to enforce the measure in the chaotic city of 13 million people.

Almost everyone buys at least one meal a day from vendors on street corners or sidewalks. Young children knock on car windows at intersections selling wares, and beggars can be seen sitting on sidewalks or overpasses with turned out hands.

"Everyone will have to participate," Budhiman said. "It will require changing habits and a lot of discipline."

Many in Indonesia, a sprawling archipelagic nation of 235 million people, are desperately poor, living on less than US$2 a day. Begging is common.

At least three other Indonesian regions have passed ordinances preventing people from giving cash to panhandlers. (***)


What are Indonesia's leaders thinking????????
The country is on a mad spree of trying to pretend it is just like L.A., Tokyo, Sydney, London etc.
A modern developed city with great infrastructure.

The reality is a polluted smelly constant traffic jam with few public facilities and collapsing infrastructure.

But if we get rid of the poor everything will be just rosy Rolling Eyes Rolling Eyes Rolling Eyes

And who the hell knows where the assigned locations are anyway?

Stuff them all. I'll give my money to anyone I want too.
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