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Ads Extension Upcoming Layout

WHich of the Look is better?
New Look is better and Improved.
 59%  [ 13 ]
New Look is Just Average.
 31%  [ 7 ]
Old look is better than the new look.
 9%  [ 2 ]
Total Votes : 22

After a lot of hardworking, finally i have prepared a new layout for my site You might already know this site, if you dont, please visit this thread for more info.

Anyways here is the new layout's image file.

Here is the Old layout.

Seriously waiting for your Feedback and Participation in Poll.
well, there is no doubt the new design is better and improved. Although you still need to work on it.
First noticeable thing I would improve in the new design is the navigation bar.
Maybe icons, or some sort of fade, and also, try to graphically improve the category title's background in the navigation.

Try to design a logo, to put near the text Ads-Extension in the header.
Something that might help would be large transparent icons over those main buttons you have in the header (home, link to us...)

Those are just ways of improvement you may want to consider, although the site is already very well designed.
Good work!
I don't know what to say because I have a lot to say!! I will try to make it as short as possible.

For starters I like the depth of the "new look" (known hereafter as "NL") that was not present in the "Old Look" (known hereafter as "OL"). The shaddowing is really cool, and the addition of a few colors was nessesary and nicely done.

I like how small and compact the OL was, and I like the navigation being on the left instead of being on the right.

I suggest that you move the navigation to the left side in the NL, and place your google ads at the top and/or bottom of the Body instead of on top of everything like in the OL. The OL would have been fine if you added alittle more color, and placed the google ads right above the google search in the main body. That would have been perfect, and all I would have said was add color to the site at that point (everything else being gray makes red text on page TOO much).

The body, and focus of the site is really cool and very interesting to me and I will return to your site when I have more time to do so!!

PS. a nice little mouse over effect on the navigation buttons would be cool, but be sure not to alienate users on older systems by getting too complex with it. If you'd like further instruction on this then I will gladly give it becaus I know your website is going to increase my adsense revenue.
well, here's the link to the broken pages with tutorials on simple mouse-overs (can't navigate away and back but you can click this and read the page) Mouse-over Tutorial
thank you for your suggestions. i have already considered few and more suggestions are welcome.

Actuallt i want my left menu look just like WIN XP right click menu. Very Happy So, i selected the same design, the same font and the same color.

Yes its easy to bring a rollover effect (even with CSS) but actually i want less and less styles used for my site and want to keep it simple, this is the reason i removed the "hover" from all those links where it is obvious that the text is actually the link and didnt use any colour for those links (Like in top navigation bar and the left pages navigation menu) and i used link colours just in the main body to differenciate between text and links but in a way that is looks like a part of page and even it gives the page more grace.

So far as ads are concerned, i dont want to put ads on atleast my this site at all (even if i am getting a huge per click because of highly paying keywords) but read this:
Read just the first heading (Skip second heading Very Happy )
(This is a testing folder.)
So, in order to give a practicle example to the visitors, i have to place Ads.

Thank you for Your Suggestions.
Yes, the navigation bar is much better on the left than on the right. Keep it that way.
very nice actually it will create a good impression to the visitors in the first visit itself... i am appreacting you for your hard work.. the navigation bar is very nice and great
I get an error!?!?!?!?!

when I goto

oh well
IceCreamTruck wrote:
I get an error!?!?!?!?!

when I goto

oh well

its working fine. Now you can use also. The testing folder will soon be removed.
That's OK., your new design look more impressive. Keep your nice work.
new is better imo
How's it going?
Nice basic graphics. Can't say which one is better. Other likes right handed menus and other left handed.
SamiTheBerber wrote:
Nice basic graphics. Can't say which one is better. Other likes right handed menus and other left handed.

Now the site has got the lightest pages ever and the look has also improved.

Have a look again.

Hi Buddy,

you seem to have learned a lot.... good management... good design... you really need a pat on ur bak.
Good work. I really liked both the layouts but I think the newer one is better.
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