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Upcoming Rambo 4

Any facts behind the scenes for the upcoming new rambo 4
i think that it real...
i waitng for this movie from now Smile
you cna watch videos of rambo 4 on youtube.
There's the 4-minute preview of John Rambo, that Stallone produced to show at the Cannes Film Festival earlier this year, now its circulating around and looks amazing.

First off, it's ultra violent, up to date with the modern violence because back then, some of the things they did were rediculous, but wouldn't seem like all that much now.
It is real, it true

I saw the trailer like 3 months ago. Pretty darn good
Rambo with a zimmer frame?

Whats all this about reviving old series?

Yesterday (while watching "Over the top"), a friend of mine just told me he watched the trailer. Looks it will be funny. haha
Look promising action. But this kind of story might be out dated. Hey, anything with John Rambo is good enough for me. What's the deal with all the veteran coming out and re-live the heroes in them, like Sylvester with his Rambo and Balboa, Harrison with Indiana but hey, where is Arnold ?
Zaini711 wrote:
What's the deal with all the veteran coming out and re-live the heroes in them, like Sylvester with his Rambo and Balboa, Harrison with Indiana but hey, where is Arnold ?

... they could make a reunion film, with all those guys. Like "Alien vs. Predator". hahaha
Yeah, I saw the trailer too... I haven't heard anything of it since then.
I'm not convinced it's going to be very popular. From the trailer I saw it appears quite violent in the way that the other Rambo films wanted to be, but moreso just due to the technical aspects of films having improved over the years. In other words it looks more gory and porn-violent because these days it's easier to attain that as compared to the original Rambo film for instance. I don't think that works in it's favor.

See the main difference between say the first Rambo film and this new one is the societal framework that it's being presented in. In the 80's we were a good 15 years out of Vietnam, these days we have Iraq in our face every single day. It's easier to enjoy a war film when you aren't confronted with it on a daily basis in the news. In the 80's war could generate heros. It could bring back memories of glory and all that sort of thing. These days a war film as violent as this new Rambo flick appears to be might do little more than remind people of what's going on in Iraq everyday.

I remember in the second Rambo film a bad guy was blown up with one of Rambo's explosive arrows. My friends and I thought that was pretty cool. He just blew up!! GROSS!!! In the trailer for this new upcoming Rambo film I noticed a scene where kills a guy in a jeep, with a big mounted machine gun or something like that and the bad guy just gets vaporized to bits. I didn't think cool!!!! I just thought it reminded me of a clip I'd seen on Liveleak of some real person being killed in Iraq.

War films are great at bringing back past glory, and not so good at helping people forget the current reality of death and destruction.
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