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bass increse on guitars

one of the band members told me how to increase the Bass on a guitar i don't under stand can some one clerafy for me? he said to drop the pick ups a few notches and he pointed to the little screw holding the pickups in place. is that how its done if know is there a way to aler the guitar so i can increase the bass on an electric guitar?
Well, there's an easier way - go out and just get an EQ pedal, or turn the low control knob on your amp up!! Seriously though, do try to see if you can do it with the amp before you modify or buy.

What the person is telling you to do does move the pickup closer or further from the strings. This affects your tone over the entire frequency range, not just the bass. Generally, the closer the pickup is to a certain part of the strings, the louder that string will be. If you have a pickup that has individually adjustable pole pieces (the one that I have that you can do that on is the Duncan Invader), you can move the pickup up under each string to adjust how much of each string you hear.

If you have fixed pole pieces I would suggest raising the end of the pickup closest to the low E string a bit and see if that does it for you. If not, try getting a graphic EQ stompbox.
not closer or further from the strings. move them down. closer to were the strings are held like that.
the speaker has a lot to do with the bass too... I had the "stock" speaker in an amp and had the bass on 10... didn't sound bad.
I got a small subwoofer (8 inch) 8ohms so it matches up with the amp and I installed it instead and the sound was MUCH better.. better bass and everything.
you could also try that.
that might help but how much does a good sub woofer cost?
hmm They aren't too high... I found this one laying around at my house... you don't have to have the best quality though. Make sure the ohms are the same as your amp it could be too big of a load for your amp to push.
You also want to watch what kind of frequency response the speaker has... your normal stereo speakers that you can get at Radio Shack or car speakers are not always the best for guitar. Those speakers have a more flat frequency response over a higher range - for instance, if you tried to put a very, very high (20khz) tone through most guitar speakers you wouldn't hear much, whereas through stereo speakers you would. Up to you- if you like the sound, then go for it, but it won't produce the "traditional" guitar sound with a hi-fi speaker.
Turn the tone knob down a bit, use the neck pickup and check the EQ of the amp...
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