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Data Backup - Prevention Is Better Than Cure

Imagine that you have been working on a file for the entire day and there was a power surge that caused your computer to 'black out'. It would have been a frustrating experience for us as we had put in a lot of time and effort into it. I am sure that many of us would have experienced data loss in some form or another and have learnt to be wiser to backup our data to avoid any form of data loss.

Have you ever thought of a worst case scenario where a fire broke up and destroy your computer or where your laptop got stolen? Should that happen, the first thing that comes into your mind is the thousands of dollars that you spend on your computer or laptop and you would feel very upset about it. However, when you thought for a second moment, you started to realize that what is really valuable are the amount of data that you have built up over the years in it. Though hardware can always be replaced, even at no cost to you if you have insurance, but lost data is gone forever.

Lost data such as the thousands of mp3 and movies that you have downloaded from the Internet, thousands of digital photographs that are impossible to replace are lost in an instant. This form of data loss hits home especially hard when the laptop holds the lifeblood to your business. Imagine all your business contacts documents and contracts that you have painfully built up over the years would be vanished just like that. Your business would be wipe out overnight.

Do not wait for the worst to happen before you start to consider about data backup.
argha wrote:
Imagine that you have been working on a file for the entire day and there was a power surge that caused your computer to 'black out'.

That's where this comes in handy:
Yes i have to agree that making backups from time to time saves money and effort. I have experienced many losing all my files (mp3s, pics, docs) because my windows got corrupted.

But making backups is a tedious task. I am using RW's as my backups. I guess its better than losing all those valuable data.
Yeah.. I agree.. I had this experience way back in college where I had this 1 month project that was lost due to an HD corruption.. Im really pissed off when I realized, I got no backups of it.. I have no choice but to start all over again and procastinated for a week! (with no sleep.. almost... just to meet the deadline).. Crying or Very sad

By then, I make sure I have to backup new datas.. Wink
yeh i backup occasionally... i usually backup to different areas sometimes.. like we have an extra computer we rarely use anymore, ill just connect to it through network and dump whatever i want to backup on it... or for a few important files i can store them on my usb stick, and then i also use my mp3 player as a backup harddrive cause it has a data folder (30gig creative zen xtra)
Well this thread made me aware of the events and things that can happen to your files. I've got to back up today then...I got too much things to lose. I would be using DVD+Rs, CD-Rs are way to small for me.
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