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Looking for comments/suggestions

Hey all,

I recently started a blog and was looking for some tips/suggestions on the design. Check the site out at

First, the main design is a pre-fab template. I like the color scheme, so I didn't make any real changes to it. Should I leave it as is, or make some modifications?

Second, I just signed up for Google ad-sense and tried to integrate the ads into the site. Right now the only ad block that I included is the one at the top of the sidebar on the right side of the screen.

Does it blend in well? Is it too obtrusive? Should I move it? I was trying to put it somewhere highly visible without getting in the way of the content.

Finally, I was thinking of adding a second ad block towards the bottom of the page. When you view an article and scroll down, there's a giant block of empty space to the right of the comment box. However, when I tried to add the ad block, it went below the comment box instead of to the right (where I wanted it).

Does anybody know where I would put the ad-sense code to get it to show inline with the comment box? The blog is powered by Wordpress.

Thanks for any suggestions,
- Walkere
The Google Advertisement Blends Well, I think you should Ad another Advertisement under the Category Menu. In my opinion You should change the background and maybe put some graphics in there. For the Ad your are trying to put to the right of the comment box I cant really help you without seeing the code. Other then that I really like the design.
{name here}
Make an effort rather than use a prefab. As it stands the code is rather decent in style. However you might want to work on making a liquid layout.
Aaaack! Get rid of the borders on the Google ad you have in the right column. Also I'd lose the 'Sponsors' heading. A quick word of advice... Don't be afraid to ugly up your site a little bit in order to shove the ads in the most effective places. When I first got into Google Adsense, I took the approach that I wasn't going to offend the user by putting ads in places that might seem obtrusive. Believe me, what an utter waste of time (and money) that was. I spent my first eight months with Google Adsense totally bummed out because I was only making a dollar a day and meanwhile I could have been making a lot more had I simply put the ads in the right places and not been so afraid to offend the user. The bottom line is, if you want to make money with Google ads, go all out (staying within the terms of use, of course). Don't pull any punches. As long as you have quality content on your site, you're entitled to earn some money. Otherwise pull the ads altogether and forget about it.
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