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ladies: best mascara out there?

i like really thick and fake looking lashes so i use diorshow and ysl faux cils. i used to use drugstore brands, but you really get what you pay for.
what brands do you use?
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I use the black/white Maybelline one which looks like tipex at one end, because it was a present. I do, however, keep the brush which came with a sample size of a fancy Dior mascara, which I use to completely remove any clumps afterwards. This works a treat and I can make pretty much any mascara look acceptable by giving my lashes a once over with this dry brush afterwards. Every waterproof mascara I've ever had to use has been utterly crap, though - it feels like painting your lashes with tar or something... ugh...
i use anna sui mascara(have used brands such revlon, loreal, maybelline, dior ) ..for me thats the best so far...and i like other products from anna sui too
Inimitable by Chanel. It's $26.50, a bit costly, but it goes on soooo clean (no clumps ever!). I have naturally long lashes and I only want them a bit thicker for more definition, this mascara goes on very nicely and doesn't have that stale mascara smell that it can sometimes get. It's supposed to be a curling mascara but I've never noticed a huge difference but I still count myself as a fan.

For a more dramatic effect, I used Cils a Cils, also by Chanel. It goes on a bit heavier and can be a bit of a mess to clean up but it's no doubt my favorite for a night look.
Silkygirl Lash Maximizer Waterproof mascara does good job too and its dirt cheap about 5 usd.
LOREAL. Anyone of them really, I also like Maybelline because it doesn't smudge.
Doesn't really make a difference to me. There all the same and do the same.
I used CoverGirl I think? Heck I don't even no! Maybe it was Maybelline (lol).

I agree with Rheanna! Although I will admit... I don't wear makeup anymore, let alone Eyeliner, because I hated clumps... ew they were so gross! Wink
Honestly, Maybelline and Loreal always worked fine for me, just go over it with an eyelash brush if you have time to remove clumps. Whatever is on sale at walgreen's works for me. Razz
I always use Bourjois. They have real fine products with nice colours. The mascaras always have something special. Now I use one that is waterproof, but easy removable. So you don't need a special waterproof remover...
I also like Yves Rocher mascara. This is made from biologic products and it wasn't tested on animals. The only bad thing is that they get lumpy very quick...
I've been using Revlon Fabulash mascara. It does a good job of thickening and defining my lashes with very little clumping. It's also water-resistant, so it doesn't run down my face if I get caught in the rain or have contact lens issues, but it's not gluey and difficult to remove like waterPROOF mascara.

Sometimes I think the brush in mascara is more important than the formula, though. Expensive mascara usually has better applicators, but there's a way around that...

If your mascara clumps up on you, go to the men's grooming aisle in the drugstore, and look for the mustache combs. They have little tiny teeth that are perfect for separating clumped eyelashes, and they're easy to clean. Mine has a little brush on the other side, which I use on my eyebrows.
Heya, I just recently brought Rimmel Lash MAXXX "have traffic stopping lashes" one of the ads for a rimmel mascara says well that happened to me the other day... it might have something to do with them letting me cross the road tho Laughing

Anyway this mascara has to be one of the best ones I have used, the wand isn't like normal mascara wands, It's a kinda of brush almost, which can get tricky to use but has fantastic results once mastered.

Below is a pic of my eyes with it on, I wear eyeliner underneath my lashes too to make them appear thicker aswell

Fabulash is the best
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