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How do you like your job?

How do you like your job ,everyone? I have been worked as a teacher for about 10 years. sometimes i feel very bad about my jobs. i don't know if i like the school and my students , they said it is normal for every teacher,when they worked for long ,they will feel annoyed.
What do you think about it? Do you like your job? How can you keep interested in your job for ever?
i'm a manager on the night shift at a local convenience store. i like the work a lot - i'm a very social person, i love talking to strangers, drunks are a lot of fun, i have the right attitude and temperament. the job, though... i go in and out of liking it. i suppose any job can be like, that, though - there are just times when your supervisors are paying too much attention to their own work and worries to make sure that you are happy and settled as an employee. i'm more inclined to lean towards not liking my job as it's been a very stressful month, but i can still remember that i enjoy the work a lot.

i don't think i will be interested forever, though, and it was never my intention! i am working to get back into school, i want to go into secondary art education. Smile
I am a professor of computer science and teaching for about 10 years.Now it is a bit monotonous but I try to find out the excitement still from it. For this I take exciting final year project and try to learn new things with my students.Also I change my papers of teaching in every two years. As far as you are feeling to learn new things from inside yourself, teaching and learning is always fun. When you will loose interest in new things, you will feel the job monotonous.As a popular say--To move is life and to stop is death.
I'm in the military, man. I love my job. I get to do all sorts of military things. More people should joing the military. Oohrah military.
i love my job as a SEO writer, I have the freedom that i need
I am a postscript print programer and department manager for a large business process and IT outsourcing firm. I design forms and checks for our clients and then print and disribute them. I have only been doing this for a short time but I really enjoy it.

I am also a liscensed Real Estate agent. This job is really fun when you have clints with money.
My job is easy, easy and easy, is a game
i travel around a 50 mile radius fixing networks and pcs for home users and businesses.

i felt like I learned a lot in the beginnning, but everyday I learn more things that are so useless and will not matter in a few years time.

How do you people cope with stress at work?
I am restaurant professional. I've been doing it since I was 16 (I am now 36). I love food and the restaurant business, its crazy and high strung and the people are fun loving (mostly nuts). I don't like the politics and business of the industry. I am in management and the days that I have to be a manager suck (I curse paperwork and meetings). The days that I can go into the kitchen and create and talk with the staff are great. Because I have responsibilities to my family I have to be a manager to make the $$. So do I love my job? YES!. . .are there elements that I don't love? YES! . . but they are outweighed by the elements that I do love. How do I keep it interesting? By learning, stay on top of trade trends, trade magazines, any course that comes available to me, learning more about my people, evaluating our current state of business and trying to improve it. The job is all what you make it, and trust me, I have had plenty to know this!

Best Regards,
"Money is only a tool"
well i am into customer service for the last like 4 years or so and i am loving it
I do not like my job. I work at a department store called Sears and I don't enjoy it. But it'll get me through college...
I totaly love my job. I work at an adult boutique (yeah okay it's a porn store,
but we're pretty upscale) I recently got a raise and "promoted" to 'head of apparel.
So I get to be involved in setting up our window displays, aranging the floor,
dressing the manaquins, and playing dress up with sexy clothes all day. woo hoo!
That and really, it's a public is right up there with food and sleep...
so I enjoy making people's lives more interesting in a fundamental way...heh....

that and I get a great discount and free rentals...woo hoo.
my co-workers are wonderful and we always have a lot of fun

yeah...I luv my job.
me, i'm a truck driver who's actually working as a storeman, and i hate this job!!! it's everyday the same thing, and i don't like the routine??!! (when all the days are the same!!)
I prefer to be in my truck, looking all around and making some crashes!!! no , i'm joking but i also prefere to be in my truck!! i like them!!!
So i like my job when i'm doing it!!
but i would like to find a work that permit me to protect the nature!!!
Because i love animals and our planet earth
I live in Belgium, and I work for the state...
I work with foreign people who try to get asilum in Belgium, I'm working at the end, if they don't get a good decision in the service where I work, they have to leave belgium and the most of Europe, to be honest, I'm glad I don't have to make the decisions, because somethimes I really fiel bad for them...
They are only here to give their children a proper education and chanses in life, It really fiels bad if you have to send them back if they are already years and years in belgium, somethimes their children only speak dutch...not their home language, but now I have the feeling that I'me bugging and boring you guys and girl with my explanations...
But at the end my work itselves is creating files, sending and recieving letters...It is easy work wance you now and understand it...
I have'nt stated my job yet, but I can imagine the tiringness it brings to me after a long run of repeated work. But I think everything could not be as fresh as it was at the beginning of the process, however, if we can keep making it funny to us, it is a good job worth to retain. And sometimes fun is also changing as we go through different experiences. So, what's your initials to be a teacher? is that still interesting you now or can you find something related to reactivate the interest? If you do, maybe it will relieve the boringness you are feeling now.
my job is musical so i love it so much
my job is musical so i love it so much
i forget
it is name is
mozmar baladi
in egypt
I start my new job on monday, so I couldn't tell you if I enjoy it yet...

but I imagine I will! Smile I'm now a computer games programmer, and I'll be working on games for the Wii, PS3, XBox360 and DS. Pretty darned exciting stuff for me!

Gimme a few weeks and I'll be able to tell you how much I like it... but just walking around the studio gave me a great impression... Very Happy
Well,i am software developer,currently doing job because of money.Problem with me is that i lack in stamina,ie get bored of same kind of work,I m at this position because of my active talent and efficiency.Its 1 year now,and i am bored of job,Well i am planning to switch to another field.
My job is acctually preety damn kewl. ITT-TECH got it for me.

I am a Technical Antalyst for ALLSTATE Insurance.

Employees call me with problems with their computers and i help them fix them.
Ghost Rider103
I don't exactly call what I do a job quite yet, but basically training for it. Im working on becomming a graphic designer, I have been doing this for about 3 to 4 years, and still love every minute of it.

I could see how being a teacher could be very annoying, and sometimes get boring. My advice would be to try and change the way you teach, I am guessing that you probably have to teach the same thing over and over, and probably do it the same way for every year. Try some new ways, just so you can change your enviorment every once in a while.
I am a Canadian Performer currently working in Tokyo Japan. I love my job! I get to see a new country and at the same time I'm doing what I love!
I do not like my job.
I used to be a teacher...but I didn't like it...expecially the pay which is just so low in Iceland.. So I moved over seas to Denmark to study something new and more exciting and one day I hope to become a Multimedia Designer Cool
Well, if you'd have caught me this time last year, I'd say "I am very happily engaged in the media industry!"
At the time I was working for a soft rock radio station. I'd worked there for a year straight out of high school and everyone in my graduating class (I am sure) expects me to be a big shot radio-discjockey-guru by the time our 20 year reunion comes along.

After about a year (shortly after I decided to drop college as a broadcast journalism major to work two jobs in order to make ends meet) they decided the economy was too poor and they laid me off.

The next day I waltzed into this feed & farm supply shop not expecting much of anything at all.

The following week I was hired; my head filled with their glowing impression of me and their aspirations and goals for me to achieve.
Three months later, the opportunity has arisen for me to prove myself as a lead.
I couldn't be happier with my job.
I am employed by a large national corporation, allowing me fantastic wages and benefits, but one that understands the importance of its individual employees' happiness and takes the time to build and enrich individual "bases."
Basically, everyone in my section of the company (NW united states) knows each other, communicates well, and really has a commraderie.

Not to mention the fact that my customers expect rude, coarse, or crass farmfolk kids dealing with them- whereas I take the time to learn their names, their needs, and sometimes even where they live to make them feel like they're not only my most prized customers, but that they're my friends. I'm always incredibly happy and polite to everyone, even the most difficult of customers.

[My favorite*sarcasm* being the swedish man who's daughter I went to school with who, when I respected his decision not to give me the mandatory name, address, and phone # for a refund thereby putting my own info instead- refused to sign the paperwork. He likened the whole bit to being America transforming into Nazi Germany.]

I can see me in this job for the long haul and my eventual goal (set forth by my manager when he hired me) is to become a district media representative for the company.

I used to love being in libraries, that is, until I starting working in one. It's funny because my wife knows someone who is going to library school right now. Everyone in her class who has worked in a public library has hated it so much.

Basically, my job is passing out the DVDs and making sure that kids can log into MySpace.
I'm in information technology and currently studying to specialize in information security. I love my current job but I've been in the same position for about 4 years(although my salary has increased significantly over those years) and am beginning to feel bored. I would like to be a manager now and if I can't be one at my current job, I might be looking for a new job elsewhere sometime next year.
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