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Doll collection?

Collect dolls, do you?
yup and I'm a working adult
 0%  [ 0 ]
yup and I'm still schooling
 75%  [ 3 ]
yup and I'm a retiree
 0%  [ 0 ]
no, but someone I know does
 25%  [ 1 ]
no, and no one I know does
 0%  [ 0 ]
Total Votes : 4

Does any one here collect dolls as a hobby?

I used to have Barbies, but now I have Asian Ball Jointed dolls (ABJD) <---wiki link

Now that I have these bigger dolls, I start to know there are more kinds of collectible dolls in the world, like Tonner and Silkstone barbies, and Heimstead(?) dolls, all kinds of porcelain and other german ball jointed dolls.

So does anyone here collect any dolls at all? And what kind are they? Is there anywhere online I can learn about them?^____^ thanks!
aww seriously, no one here has dolls? D:
I have some animals and barbie dolls, but I give all the barbie dolls to my little sister. I still have the animals doll, they're so many kind of animal dolls like Cat, Lion, Dog, Bear, Ape, Moose, and many other. Teddy bear and cat dolls are the most doll I have.
All of my doll have a name, and my favorite doll is a big cat doll named Boncell.

Now I'm interested in Dollfie,
ooo cool XDDD

you mean the 1/6 dollfies as opposed to the huge super dollfies, don't you? I have one hybrid of those^^

I have one of the larger dollfies too, but not from Volks, so they're technically just Asian Ball Jointed dolls, and not quite a super dollfie^^;
Many people have different hobbies.One of my friend likes to collect different kinds of dolls.Actually he is artist and performs funny stage shows at many places.So he is with dolls everyday.He stays alone at his home so i have seen him at night talking alone to his dolls as like they are like his family members.
Aww that is a little cute^^

are they puppet kind of dolls? If not, what kind are they?
Cool! Do you have any photo of your dollfie?

I really want to buy it, but maybe I'll buy it later. The price is very expensive for me.
I collect barbie dolls. Here's a list of my favorites if ya' want:

2000 Millenium Princess Barbie (my all-time favorite)
School Barbie (comes with cute stuff like.. mini-colored pencils)
Original Barbie (With original barbie outfit)
Germany(?) Barbie (Princess doll from the Around-The-World Series)

I also like printing images of them (I thought printers were amazing when I was 3).

The site is way updated and the site is REALLY easy to remember:

I also collect some porcelain dolls and breakable dolls.
Especially various dolls that are sent over from my grandma who lives in another state.
No, I’m a guy. But my mom collects anything with eyes and an expression. My sister’s to blame though because she gets an unknown form of satisfaction from buying little furry objects that resemble mammals. I must say it really makes it easy to buy X-mas and B-day presents.
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