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Kubuntu 3d desktop

Im new to Linux.
I just installed kubuntu.
I saw it is possible to give nice 3d and other effects to the desktop.
Is it Beryl?
How do I install this in kubuntu?
Yeah - beryl is probably the swanky pants desktop you're looking for. Have a look here and scroll down slightly for a guide of how to get it installed. You'll need to install the binary drivers for either ATI or NVidia first so follow the correct part of the guide.

I'm not sure how well supported Intel Graphics cards are at the moment. Also, note that Compiz and beryl and being (re)merged together at the moment so in the near future you might be looking at Compiz for the latest and greatest with Beryl being left behind.

Also, some people find that their graphics card has issues when running beryl so that X11 and therefore Gnome or KDE won't load when beryl is first turned on.
If you're new to Linux this leaves you at the command prompt looking lost. I suggest you learn the following command to memory now if that is the case:
sudo apt-get remove beryl beryl-manager

This at the least should get you back with a GUI to work with so you can troubleshoot. Good luck - have fun with your wobbling windows Very Happy
Berl can be a real pain to setup but its nice to play around and have fun with. But if im not mistaken , there are graphics card specific guides, i had to follow one for ATI cards, and if you're on a debian based machine, you need to add something to the repo's if i recall correctly, but i cant check cuz the beryl wiki is down atm.... and i cant remember how i got mine to work lol.
Arno v. Lumig
It's in Ubuntu 7.04 (Feisty Fawn) by default. If you have installed your drivers then it should work by enabling it in System > Preferences > Desktop Effects.

You can't change any settings though, so everything is the default value. Wobbly Windows and the cube will work, and windows and menus will just fade out etc.
Kubuntu doesn't have desktop effects.

kevinalle, The easiest thing to do is download EasyUbuntu and install the appropriate graphics drivers, then, go in to Add/Remove Programs (Adept) and search for "Beryl".

Done, Good Luck!
Ok, everything works fine now..
The problem was just that I hadn't installed the nvidia drivers.
I like this beryl..

Oh, just another stupid question.. every time I turn on my pc I have to "Run command.." emerald and beryl for it to work.. how can I make these start automatically at startup??
In GNOME, you can add the entries to System=>Preferences=>Session=>Startup(maybe it's not startup. don't have gnome here to check this)
In KDE, symlink both those in ~/.kde/Autostart
Ummm...I'm most likely wrong, but cant you just type something like

emerald --replace
Cool !!! Cool
im new to this..
I use KDE, but ~kde does no exist...
An idiots proof guide to do this???
I think you mean ~/.kde

Firstly, you should know that "~" is shorthand for your home directory. The ".kde" directory is hidden, you can tell because it begins with a dot. Any file which begins with a dot is hidden in a linux file system.

So, you can either turn on "show hidden files" in the View menu or you can just type it directly into the address bar. Smile
LostOverThere wrote:
Kubuntu doesn't have desktop effects.

You can always install Compiz-fusion. Or even better install the new KDE4 Beta 3 release and you can have all the eyecandy you ever wished for.

But watch out. Sugar can make you fat. Very Happy
Kevinalle, can I just ask a question?

Why did you decide to use Kubuntu rather than Ubuntu? I would've thought if you're new to linux you'd just stick with the standard release...
brucedes wrote:
Kevinalle, can I just ask a question?

Why did you decide to use Kubuntu rather than Ubuntu? I would've thought if you're new to linux you'd just stick with the standard release...

Kubuntu is no different from Ubuntu. In fact, by all standards, they are one and the same. Kubuntu uses KDE (the desktop, what you actually see) by default. Ubuntu uses GNOME by default. But everything aside from the desktop, the two are one and the same. You can install GNOME in Kubuntu and KDE in Ubuntu.

In my opinion, the reason for the separate names for Kubuntu and Ubuntu is all political. If you compare the work done by Ubuntu in GNOME and the one in KDE, you'll see that GNOME is treated a lot more favorably than KDE. On the other hand, some distros like openSUSE doesn't have KopenSUSE or GopenSUSE because both desktops get more or less the same treatment. Just my 2 cents...
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