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Suggestion for polls and frihpoints

Members vote, should polls give you fri points?
Yes, it's a good idea
 33%  [ 4 ]
No, people may scam
 50%  [ 6 ]
Maybe, undecided
 16%  [ 2 ]
Total Votes : 12

I'm sorry if this is a dupe topic and I'm sorry that my points are in the negative... I lost internet connection for a long time.


I go to a forum-based roleplay site called "" and the whole community is based on Gaia Gold. You get gaia gold by posting (similar to fripoints) and with that gold you buy items to make your avatar thing look better.

I was just lurking through some topics and voting on some of the polls and I was still in the "gaiaonline" mind frame, thinking "why don't I get gold?..." because every time you vote on a poll on gaia you get 15 gold or so.

So I'm suggesting that the frihost admins add a feature, so that every time you vote you can get something like .15-.40 points or so.

Is this a good idea, or no?
I think it's hard to add that and people will just start searching for polls and vote. I know the points you get are nothing compared to posting but I don't think it would be a good thing if people searched for polls and voted just to get points.
The whole idea of having a poll is so that you can get people's opinion. If you start getting paid for voting, people will just spam a load of votes, which kinda ruins the whole idea of it.

You'd also get people starting polls, just so they could get some points/frih$, and end up with a load of rubbish on the forum.
rvec wrote:
I think it's hard to add that and people will just start searching for polls and vote. I know the points you get are nothing compared to posting but I don't think it would be a good thing if people searched for polls and voted just to get points.

I thought you would just have to add to the value in the poll, so that it would set the point value higher for each time you'd click "submit" with a built in error message for people botting or scamming.
It works for people on gaia because how little the gold is you get when you go select an option on a poll.

I just thought it would make people more interested in expressing their opinion in a poll if they got like .15 points for a poll. After all, it would take a lot of polls to raise it by one point, which anyone can do by just typing two sentences or so.
I think it's not a terrible idea... it's something worth considering, I must confess.
I don't really know whether to support it or reject it, though.
tidruG wrote:
I don't really know whether to support it or reject it, though.

I'll have to try and sway you then.

If you were to implement the idea of giving points/frih$ for voting on polls, here's what would happen Arrow

A user would be browsing the forum when they come across a poll. Oh, they think, a poll. I wouldn't normally vote in this poll as it would be a waste of my time, but i can get some points/frih$ for voting. I may as well. So the user goes to the poll, and sees that the topic isn't really of interest for them. Oh well, the user thinks, it doesn't matter that this poll isn't of any interest to me, i will get paid for voting, and as i don't really have an opinion, i'll just vote for the first one.

Now the person who started the poll has created the poll because they want to find something out that does interest them. But when they go to their poll, they will see that the majority of people have voted for the first topic, and their poll has been ruined. Sad

You see what i mean. People won't vote on polls because it interests them, but because they will get paid. Not only will this ruin the poll, but it leans towards the kinda spamming that i believe FriHost tries to steer clear of.
I don't think the people of FRIHost are that obsessed with points or FRIH$ that they'd run around FRIHost all day looking for polls just to vote for the first thing on them. i mean, for one thing, you've gotta give the FRIHosters the credit that they'd at least take the time to pick the opinion that best represents them, even if they aren't that interested in the topic. and even if they did, the points would be so minimal for each vote that it would be a waste of time to do all of that.

i mean, it's not like the FRIH$ are worth anything when that comes about, it might become a small problem, but again, the price would be so small that it wouldn't really matter. there aren't that many polls anyways...

but that's just my opinion...

God Bless Wink ,
I think I would have to be against this one...
For all the reasons against it here, I can't see any (good) reason for it.
Spamming is a bit out of question, as one cant answer the polls twice.. but one user who has two accounts can do so, but which is not acceptable as the forum policy says..

If this functionality is implemented, We can see lots of participation in espescially in polls..

Its already known that, a discussion with the poll, has a good number of participation than a discussion topic.
You can value a vote = 0.5 frih$, no one gets rich that way, and it's more interesting.

I don't usually vote on polls, because my connection is too slow. I think this is great idea.
I don't think polls should give points (a vote doesn't really add to the discussion) but why not give a small amount of frih$?

OR (and I think this would be really cool) allow the poll creator to assign how many frih$ you get for voting (or even for replying to the topic), and the subtract that amount from his ballance when other users DO vote/reply?

I don't see any argument why polls shouldn't give a small amount of frih$...
I am opposed to the idea of any kind of payment for voting in a poll. If a person is interested in the subject, they can get a lot more by posting a comment than they could for voting, so there's really no need to receive anything for the vote alone.

The problem with pay for voting is that no one can accurately judge who is spamming and who really has an opinion. All it would take is for a few new users, who maybe don't even understand the difference between frih$ and points, and no one could trust the answers.

Possibly a better change would be to weight the votes in a poll according to the length of the comment they posted. That's way to complex to be worth the effort, but you get the idea.

Edit: I didn't bother to vote or to look at the votes, so what does that mean? I guess it gives my "opinion" a weight of zero. How about the comment? Does that make it spam?
I'm still on the fence.
But I can tell you one thing. Even if Bondie likes this idea, it will take a very long time to implement, as he is currently very pre-occupied with something else (life).
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