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Ironman [2008]

It looks great, and it looks true to the original story from what I can see. RD jnr is absolutely perfect for the part, too.

Sneak peek trailer is out, looks pretty damn cool. Lets hope Favreau hasn't farked it up!

I absolutely cannot wait for this one. How freakin cool does the suit look

From the looks of the preview, they got Tony Stark right... the guy is an ******.

I was just checking IMBD, and the other thing that I am excited about is Spoiler below, highlight to read:
Samuel L. Jackson is playing Nick Fury : Agent Of S.H.I.E.L.D. However, I am not sure how much of a role he will be playing
I'm not a big fan of superhero movies at all, so I'm not really that keen on this. Ironman has always been sort of a weak hero to me anyway and this movie seems a bit weak too really. I mean using "Iron Man" by Black Sabbath? How cheesy is that. ranks right up there with those singers who point to their eyeball when they say "I" in "I love you"... so obvious it's just corny.

I also wonder how much of the film will have Ironman in his original homemade suit vs his new spiffy suit... if he parades around in that weird looking one the whole film and only gets his "real" suit towards the end i think people might kick the theatre screen in.

All in all, I have little hope for the film but again, I don't like super hero movies. The closing shots of him flying in that trailer actually made me want to re-watch The Rocketeer. Smile

i don't like comic movies so much, i've really hated all of them thus far, but i kind of like the look of this one. rdj IS perfect for the role, psyched about that, and the suit does look pretty darn good. Very Happy

haha, not so sure about the casting choice for nick fury, though!
This going to be great!
And they caught the idea of putting the Black Sabbath song on the soundtrack.
I'm really anxious about! Wink

Well, I just watched the trailer... But the fact of having Downey Jr. on the cast and the Black Sabbath thing just guarantee the film to be good. As the little history on the trailer.

Let's wait for the film. Smile
I don't really enjoy comic movies, unless it is a good movie and has very good previews I might consider it.
I watched the trailer, and at first, I was thumbs up for the idea of using "Iron Man" in the opening credits or trailer or something, cause hell, its a cool song and why not... It worked in the trailer until they used the "i am iron man" on the title.... really lame.

I'm not too familiar with the origin story of Tony Stark, but the trailer has him like... fighting terrorists? what the crap? I thought he like, built the suit to sustain himself cause he had some incurable disease... not to like, kill Hamas

I'll still probably see it, unless something is better out that week.
Just hoping that it wont be as bad as most comic book movies that came out lately (it seems to be the rage these days, that is to make as much comic book movies as long as the idea is hot.)
Hmm, does not seem too interesting, but I'll look into it some more, thanks for sharing.
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