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WRC Meister
Get paid to post on a forum

my Friend, Ryuujin owns this, but ill pass comments to him
Hey, when I visited it a whole heap of PHP errors appeared (lots of can't modify headers).
Not many topic there yet!
So when I write in there I get real money? What kind of point is that? You are going to pay for active members Confused
some errors are there
All errors are fixed!
New forum software, more stable and everything. Give it a try Smile
Is this being payed for by pr0n adds?
There are some porn ads in them, but I am trying to weed them out.

UPDATE: Only bidvertiser ads now. No worries.
I don't trust you, theres a section called rejected proposals for buying stuff from the shop. So even though you have earned the forum points cash you cant but an image.

All these forum cash schemes are scams. Your forum is also very simple. You need to re think the idea, only way to make a pay to post forum work is to invest money in items in the shop and not be scam.
I would appreciate it if you read.
1. The rejected section is not for the shop, its for the requesting of money, you are only rejected of the money if you do not use the method I have specified.

Scams? LOL, most are, mine isn't. I don't ask for personal information I don't even email you. Plus I make money and I give some to you.

I don't scam, and the shop will be added to when the site gets going.

I understand your worrying of it being a scam, but I don't ask for ANY personal information. Only thing that I could use incorrectly is your email, and I wont, use one that doesn't work if you like.

The most that could happen is you don't get payed, and the only way you wont get payed is if something gets screwed up.

Now, if you have any suggestions on how to make the forum, 'less simple' please tell me. I am open to suggestions.
But I ask that you don't call me a scam till you try it yourself.

Ok im sorry.

but in that case, yeah i have a suggestion. Maybe you should make it clear to members about the rejected requests. Because like me, many of the members are going to think exactly the same.

You need to market your site much better and explain better, because there are so many scam sites out there with the same concept. Therefore you need to make it really clear that your not one.
I will make the Rejected stuff clear.

I do not know how to make it clear without saying its not a scam all the time. And all the scam sites say its not and spam it all over the place.
I'm afraid if I say it is not a scam people will think it is even more.

Do you have any idea what I can do to avoid this?
Well i suppose that you could point out to the members your terms of service more. Make them read it so that they understand how the website works. Place a link on the forum home page, to a new page dedicated to explaining how it works.

I just think people need to be told this, because of the 1000's of scams out there.
Ok, I put a thing at the top.
Now, I ask, how can we be a scam when we don't ask for ANYTHING that we could use to rip you off.
If we are a scam, all you lose is a little bit of time from posting.

So, please, consider us. If not, leave and be on your way.

I hope to see you on the forum sometime!


All of that is great and that will allow people to understand a bit better. But the part in the quotes i suggest taking out because it doesn't make the site sound friendly. I think you have said enough in the part above.
Done, and thanks for the help Smile
No problem, im glad to help. Want to make the web a more secure, clean friendly environment.
The Website is down and moving to other hosting and also getting new domain name.
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