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Several Computer Issues

Okay. So I have several issues with my powerful computer. Both 2 and 3 are pointless if 1 can't be solved.

1.) When starting, it won't go past the loading screen. It'll pause once in a while, but it'll just stay there at the loading screen. I tried using System Restore, that didn't help. I tried reformatting, but when I do, it thinks that I don't have a hard drive (which it's obviously working if I can get into Safe Mode and restore).

2.) Before 1 started, when I'd be doing something for a while, everything would just suddenly have an error. IE: The game I was playing, MSN messenger, Firefox, Winamp, all at once. So then I would have to restart. I'm assuming this is due to a defective stick of RAM. Is there any RAM checkers that I could use just from my Desktop? I tried making a boot disc with the one from M$, but either my computer won't take a boot disc for whatever reason, or I made it wrong.

3.) Again, before 1 started, when I'd start my computer, it -would- load, it would just take a while. At best it would take a few minutes, but sometimes it would take 5-6 minutes.
please give more details on your computer setup

Hard-drives setup
is it on PATA in primary or secondary & if slave, master or cable select?
is it SATA? what's your chipset,
are you reformatting with WinXP pre SP, SP1, SP2 or Vista?

Usually it's not RAM being defective but being incompatible! many claims have bad RAM but basically it's just incompatible so check if you got the right RAM with the right Frequency, latency & error checking

other useful info to solve the puzzle, any other devices hooked in your system such as DVD burners, zip drives, ..etc also location of them if they're sharing same IDE tape

Provide the info & I think I'll have a better idea on what's going on Very Happy
It's Windows XP Professional, SP2. I believe it's SATA, I'm not sure. I don't know anything about chipset and whatnot. I have several devices hooked into it (Gamebridge, two CDROMS (not sure about specifics), etc). I really don't think my RAM is incompatible since it has been working for about a year and I haven't changed anything hardware-related.

Edit: Some PC Specs

2GB DDR2 RAM (4x 512)
nVidia XFX 7900 GT video card
3.4 ghz Pentium Processor
300 GB Hard Drive
Proactive AI Asus P5ND1 SLI Motherboard

If needed, I can take some pictures of my PC's setup.
For reformatting problem:

The most common problem with not finding the HD upon reformatting
1. not having the right drivers for SATA/Raid on WinXP instlalation
2. BIOS setup incorrectly that uses RAID system when you acutally don't have and don't care about

for #1. you can get pre-loaded WinXP with SP2 if you have your own Windows XP CD but it doesn't have SP2 on it you can download one or re-create your valid windows XP CD & slipstream it with SP2

for #2 which is easier to do, go around your BIOS and look for SATA/Raid feature and disable it which will force your hardware to kick in your SATA hard-drive as regular hard-drive and no drivers will be needed to recognize it (that worked pretty well on 2 asus mobos that my friends own)

but before you do any reformatting:

to test memory I used this

also to see if your overall hardware working fine, you can test it out with one Linux LiveCDs such as Knoppix I used the CD many times. try it you can get it through FTP or Torrents from the website

if you haven't changed any hardware around but you moved your PC around, you might caused some partial disconnections in your cables, I suggest to open up the case do some cleaning and make sure everything plugged in right

I hope above will help if not then it's going to be little bit more complicated Razz

Good Luck
I saw memtest86 when searching around for one, but it said it was for x86 and I'm fairly sure mine isn't x86.

If it comes down to reformatting, I'll try #2 as it sounds a lot less complicated.

And I haven't moved it around or anything.

Edit: And Memtest86 looks like it requires you to make a bootable CD, which I assume I don't know how to do since the Windows Memory Test didn't work right. So if it -does- need a bootable CD made, could you tell me how I do that?
Your computer will be x86 if it's running windows. x86 is the instruction set your processor uses. All "PCs" use this instruction set. Even the new Apple computers use this now (they previously user PowerPC).

Making a bootable cd is really easy. Firstly you'll need to download a CD image file (.iso). You can probably get one with just memtest on but if you want to use the whole CD you can download a live linux distribution as most of them come with it. Ubuntu does for sure and Slackware used to (I assume it still does and I assume most distros do as standard).

Then once you have downloaded the .iso file you can use a program like Nero to "burn an image to disc". Doesn't have to be Nero, whatever you normally use for writing CDs/DVDs should support this.
Okay. Must be something else I'm thinking of with Windows, like 64 and 32 somethings. Anyway, that's what I did with the other disc, so maybe it just wouldn't work. I'll try Memtest now.

Edit: Okay. Evidentally when I first made the disc for the M$ Memory Test, I did it wrong. I just tried to burn the iso making a bootable disc instead of doing the "burn image to disc". So the memtest86 is running right now. When it's done, how do I figure out which sticks of RAM are bad? Or if any of them are bad at all?

Edit 2: Also, is it normal for memtest86 to run for over 16 hours? It's currently been testing for 16 hours and 42 minutes.

Edit 3: Some pics of what it's doing.

Pic 1
Pic 2
Pic 3

Sorry about the poor image quality. It's a camera phone, so it's hard to get a good quality picture.

Edit 4: Could I please get some feedback? It's going on 43 hours.
Hi, Verathis

It seems that should be one of those ram have some errors. Athrought I haven't used this app
before. You may try to remove one by one to confirm. I don't think so why it will run a long very
long time. Sometime, the ram's connector isn't well if it have be used for a long time. Please
try take it out and in also to see if it is bad connected. ( the electronic not transfered well ).
It also is my case. Sometimes my computer only see 256MB, but not 512MB due to above

Wish this could help you.
As the previous poster pointed out, try removing the ram sticks one by one, or remove all and put in 1 at a time, then run the test, you should get some results pretty fast i think. You can then replace the damaged part of the RAM
There are a lot of possibilities for a computer thats keeps looping in the loading screen. Last time i had that problem was because of a problem with daemon tools, after i removed deamon tools and the drivesrs for daemon tools from within the safe mode everything worked again, but there is a big chance you have another problem that will be hard to find Sad
Well, like I said, this just started. I restored to about a week before it happened, so it's nothing with software or drivers. So I'll try taking out all the RAM and putting it in one at a time (tomorrow, anyway. It's late)
Well, it actually turned out to be my SATA connector that went bad. Now I'm just waiting to hear back from ASUS to get a replaced motherboard.
Turn off system restore first of all it uses space and you don't need it.

Google it, my friend. There is a registry fix for the frozen start screen, though it also disables auto updates, so re enable it.

Good luck.
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